Freedom of speech – Whose “freedom” is it anyway?

Activist, Saira Iman highlights the double-standards within Western governments in selectively applying and censoring particular groups. 

I am being asked to apologise for the murder of people, who drew cartoons, to demonise a man who I love and respect. Cartoons which I never saw, in a magazine which I never knew existed. A murder that I didn’t do.

Why should I apologise for something I didn’t do? Why should I even condemn it? If I’m being forced to do something against my will, where’s my freedom to say no, without being labelled as a terrorist sympathiser?

They say there is a clash of civilisations, that Muslims are not able to live in a free and democratic society.

I agree that there is a clash of civilisations, but not in the Western world, in the Muslim world. Western Intervention, which includes supporting dictators, being silent about the leaders torturing their own people, and blind support for the Zionist state, leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of most Muslims.

The Muslims want to be free but they are being denied their freedom.

All you have to do is remember, Tahrir Square in Egypt. Egyptians died fighting for democracy. Unfortunately democracy didn’t last long in Egypt and the Army regained control. The Egyptian army was backed by the West to control the population and not allow democracy in that country again. The Western governments have clearly shown that they don’t want freedom for Muslims.

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Freedom of speech? Who listens to the Palestinian child, who has lost his or her parents because the Zionist state bombed their homes in the middle of the night? Who listens to the Iraqi lady who is too scared to give birth to her baby because the child may be physically disabled due to the Chemical Weapons dropped in Fallujah by Western armies?

Whilst Western governments and media continuously speak about the crimes of Muslims and the barbaric beheadings carried out by ISIS, they are silent about Muslim oppression, because they are complicit in these crimes. So to take attention away from this, they demonise a worldwide community, so that people forget to demonise them.

Let’s be clear, this is not about the freedom of speech. If, this was, then why did Azhar Ahmed get sentenced for saying “all soldiers should die and go to hell”? Why did Chelsea Manning get arrested, and why did Edward Snowden have to flee the country which he lived in?

This is about controlling and demonising.

Not allowing Muslims to resist the oppression that they are going through by demonising them so that nobody even wants to listen to them.

Once a criminal is convicted of a crime they are locked away, never to be seen or heard, until either they die, or their sentence finishes and they become reformed members of society.

All Muslims have been convicted of terrorism.

They have convicted Muslims of terrorism and now we are told that to be accepted back into society, we need to reform. They are saying that it’s our fault that there are so many problems in the West. In reality, it’s their unethical foreign policy which is killing so many innocent people in the Muslim world. That is what is creating more terrorists.

We are being denied our rights to be treated as equals. They want to demonise us so that they can keep on bombing, torturing and oppressing our brothers and sisters worldwide. They want to keep stealing the resources that are in the Muslim world.

Where is our freedom to say enough is enough?

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