Eight #ToddlerTerror tweets that shows how ridiculous spying on children is

Theresa May seems to have lost her marbles, but in all seriousness, her proposed Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill is no laughing matter, writes Dilly Hussain.

As if asking Muslim mothers and wives to spy on their jihadi menfolk wasn’t Gestapo enough, the Home Office is now expecting nursery school teachers and child-minders to report. This policy sounds absolutely crazy to me. How on earth can the government believe something like this would be effective?Surely toddlers are more suited to learning the words to toddler songs on Youtube, rather than committing heinous crimes in the name of Jihad? This must be a new all-time of low for the Home Security.

This ridiculous demand was stated in a 39-page document issued by the Home Office in an attempt to boost the Government’s ever-failing Prevent strategy. The report comes in light of Home Secretary Theresa May’s proposed Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, which is only a continuation of draconian measures that will further criminalise Britain’s Muslim community.

The bill identifies nurseries and childcare providers, along with schools and universities, as having a duty “to prevent people being drawn into terrorism”. The consultation document also added: “Senior management and governors should make sure that staff have training that gives them the knowledge and confidence to identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and challenge extremist ideas which can be used to legitimise terrorism and are shared by terrorist groups.”

Tory MP David Davis, human rights group Liberty, and the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) were amongst the many critics who described the outlandish idea as “unworkable” and “heavy-handed”, and accused the Government of treating teachers as “spies”.

The unfounded claims of the Trojan Horse scandal of an alleged Islamist plot to takeover Birmingham state schools, and Ofsted’s damning report of six Muslim schools in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, strongly suggests that the Government has embarked on a systematic campaign to liberalise Muslim children under the banner of teaching ‘British values‘.

David Cameron and his gang are desperately trying to implement this strategy by colluding with the likes YouTuber Humza Arshad aka ‘Diary of a Badman’, and now forcing nursery teachers to be 007, while playing Lego with Muslim toddlers.

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As Theresa May continues her crusade to establish the ideal neocon police state, Muslims took to social media to express their frustration at the Government’s latest Orwellian policy.

Similar to Mayor Boris Johnson’s moronic suggestion that Muslim children should be taken into care to safeguard them from radicalisation, which sparked the comical #SignsOfARadicalBaby trend on Twitter, the Home Office’s expectation of teachers to report Muslim children initiated the #ToddlerTerror trend.

The image above is a collage of eight #ToddlerTerror tweets that had me in stitches.

This article was first published on the Huffington Post.


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