Katie Hopkins wants to do a “moonwalk in central London wearing a burqa”

Katie Hopkins

Controversial Sun columnist, Katie Hopkins has expressed that she wants to make a documentary where she lives “as a Muslim in a burqa,” the Daily Mirror reports.

Hopkins also stated in her column that she would “like to go into central London and do the moonwalk in a burqa but I probably won’t be allowed.”

However, she doesn’t explain why she wants to don a burqa for a documentary, nor why she wants to do a moonwalk wearing one in central London.

Hopkins has vocally supported the ban on the burqa.

In a column written for The Sun earlier this year, she wrote: “Having two menacing eyes staring at me from a slit makes me feel like I have opened my letterbox to find someone looking in.

“If only the British Prime Minister would ban the burqa, then Britain would feel a lot more like home.”

The Daily Mirror questioned Hopkins’ intentions suggesting that it “seems unlikely it is being done to gain empathy with people from other religions.”

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Taking Hopkins’ racist and Islamophobic remarks towards Palestinians, Asians and Muslims into consideration, the Daily Mirror could very well be right.

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