The US-led “War of Terror” has created a new generation of terrorists

The United States has disgraced itself after a report published yesterday revealed the torture methods used by the CIA, writes human rights activist Dr Shameela Zulfiqar

In the aftermath of the report on CIA torture methods, (the intelligence agency of a country that prides itself on its “freedom” and “democratic values”) it has been proven to the world that corruption and evil exists at every level.

The tactics used by the CIA in the so called “War on Terror” helped to create a new generation of “terrorism”- who it seems, learned all of the tricks from the experienced professionals.

The most concerning part of these revelations, (as was the case with the Caesar revelations of prisoner torture and subsequent deaths in the Syrian regime’s dungeons) is that these are not pockets of isolated cases. This is an inbred culture of “We have the power to do what we want- and have no one to account us for it” attitude, and is far more widespread than us, as the masses think.

Secret rendition, extradition and torture linked to the CIA exists in more places in the world than Guantanamo Bay. Those that have shed light on these practices in the past have conveniently disappeared or imprisoned. What about the secret prisons and victims of torture we know nothing about? Those languishing in an unending continuum of endless torture, abuse and deprivation of all things “human”?

President Obama vowed to close down Guantanamo Bay.
President Obama vowed to close down Guantanamo Bay.

The impunity with which intelligence agencies such as the CIA (and as time will probably reveal even MI6, MOSSAD and other agencies) are acting around the world, as well as the Middle East is astounding- especially since we are living in a time that is far more technologically advanced than ever before.

Yet, here we have medieval practices taking place right under our noses – practices that were supposedly carried out to “protect the world” and make it a safer place.

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The inferences that numerous global apocalyptic scenarios have been averted as a result of these illegal interrogations are laughable, and highly unbelievable in the absence of concrete evidence. That’s always the missing jigsaw piece of the “safer world” puzzle, concealed from public knowledge behind the excuse of “protecting national security”.

Whilst Western states are warmongering in the name of democracy, and solving the world’s “terrorism crisis” internationally and domestically, we are guilty of depraved crimes that completely dehumanise those to whom we have a duty of care until they have been proven guilty. There is a level of responsibility as a “civilised” democratic state to uphold human rights, appropriately punish those guilty of any crime in a humane manner.

Many of those who were tortured in Guantanamo, including Moazzam Begg, were never guilty of a crime in the first place. Guantanamo is a symbol of much of what’s wrong in the world. As long as it continues to be a festering boil in the side of the Western world, terrorism will continue to spread by people who justify their own actions as defiance of a system that abuses, criminalises and dehumanises their coreligionists.

This cycle of violence must stop, and the first and best step is the shutting down of GITMO! The system is clearly flawed and its existence has just made the world an uglier place to live in.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

With the type of crimes stated in the 480 page CIA torture report committed by one human against another, by an organisation that is part of the leading democracy in the world, is it any surprise that so many youngsters have become disenfranchised with the status quo, and resort to using that same attitude of “do whatever I want” by mimicking those in power?

This cycle of violence, power struggle and subsequent wars continues to breed evil and hatred at every level, has resulted in humans regressing on so many levels.

On this day – World Human Rights Day, spare a thought and prayer for those who have been imprisoned without trial. Many, whose innocence will never be proven, remain without their freedom to love, work, cherish their loved ones, breathe fresh air or enjoy a view of the outside world.

Be a voice for those that have been let down by the system and its crimes.

Let us all try to be the change for good- for thankfully there is much more of that in the world than the bad.

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