Bradford teenager wins £40k Mercedes and £10k cash in competition

William Hindmarch from Best of the Best with Saif Ali Aurangzeb, and his new car.

A Bradford teenager got the surprise of his life when he received a £40,000 car, and £10,000 cash, that he won in an online competition.

Saif Ali Aurangzeb was stunned when he was presented with a Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG and a briefcase of cash by representatives of Best of the Best.

The 19-year-old had been told he had won a Christmas hamper – but could barely speak, uttering “you’re having a laugh”, when Best of the Best founder and managing director Will Hindmarch visited him at work yesterday morning to reveal what he had really won.

“I am over the moon,” said Saif. “I thought it was going to be a Christmas hamper!

“And I forgot about the cash. I cannot believe it – I am buzzing.”

Saif, who studies at the University of Bradford and also helps out in the family food store, was entered into the competition to win the car after buying a £5 ticket at and taking a guess at a spot the ball picture. He said he had been entering regularly for a year, spending about £150 in total and each time trying to win the A45 car – apart from once when he switched attention to a Mercedes C63.

But he soon reverted to his original target, saying: “I just loved the car from day one.”

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However, Saif will get a slightly different car to the white one he got yesterday, as he admitted: “I wanted it red.”

Mr Hindmarch and colleague Ben Hughes picked up the Mercedes from a dealership on Thornton Road, before delivering it to Saif.

“It is great, it is fun,” said Mr Hindmarch, who also revealed that Saif will get a year’s insurance and servicing for free. “We are making people’s dreams come true. It is quite life-changing for some people.”

Chris Jackson, a graduate trainee for Mercedes in Bradford, said: “I think it is really good. It is my job to put people in cars, and when you can do it as part of a competition, it is fantastic.

“I think I would be stunned to win – especially if I was expecting a Christmas hamper. He was going about his daily work and these guys turn up with a car and a film crew.”

Best of the Best was founded 15 years ago and there have been 243 winners of top-of-the-range cars in that time – totalling more than £15million in cars given away.

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