ISIS executes senior Hizb ut-Tahrir member in Syria

Mustafa Khayal was a senior member of Hizb ut-Tahrir who was executed by ISIS earlier this week

ISIS have executed a senior member of Islamic political party, Hizb ut-Tahrir in Syria without trial.

According to Halab Revolution TV, Mustafa Khayal was shot to death in Aleppo on Tuesday for questioning the legitimacy of ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate.

The news was circulating on social media earlier this week, and was confirmed by HT’s Central Media Office yesterday who issued the following statement:

“The Baghdadi organisation called upon on this day of Tuesday, amidst the last ten days of Muharram Al Haram, the family of the innocent and pious man Abu Bakr Mustafa Khayal. They were informed by ISIS that they have executed their son and they asked his family to come collect his belongings. ISIS has murdered a pure soul for nothing except that he said the word of truth without ISIS feeling ashamed from Allah (swt), His Prophet (saw), and the believers, but rather they were ashamed from the people if the person’s belongings were to be found with them so they were given to his family.

That mob has killed the martyr Mustafa because he exclaimed words of truth in front of them, proclaimed openly in their face that they are not upon guidance, and advised them to expiate their sins by stopping their crimes against the Muslims. The words of truth was heavy for them to hear, and it was sharper than the sword and so they killed him, and now they have the anger of Allah (swt), His Prophet (saw), and the believers upon them.

They killed him, and they killed many before him, and they still kill the pure souls just like the tyrants rulers have done, but rather the crime of ISIS is worse, as the tyrant rulers used to kill the carriers of dawah in the name of secularism, and these kill the carriers of dawah in the name of Khilafah in order to distort its image.

So, the West rejoiced, with America in the lead, when they found who can distort the image of Khilafah for them and kill its callers, and all that in the name of Islam, an aggression against it

Mustafa Khayal deliver khutbah at a mosque in Aleppo
Mustafa Khayal giving khutbah at an Aleppo mosque

We have mentioned before in our publications how this mob kills innocent souls and transgresses sanctities until their crimes goes beyond humans extending to trees and rocks. And we have aimed warnings to them about the consequences of these crimes which will bring them disgrace in the Dunya and a painful torment in the Afterlife.

Hizb ut-Tahrir mourns you O martyr, the martyr for the word of Haqq. Congratulations, to you with the master of martyrs in a seat of truth (Paradise), near the Omnipotent King.

Congratulations to you as you are with the predecessors in being martyrs for the word of Haqq in the prisons of the oppressors.

Congratulations to you that Allah (swt) has blessed you with the greatest reward after spending years in the prisons of the tyrant of Ash-Sham which has intensified his crimes.

Congratulations to you for winning greatly as you are martyred by the tyrants’ hands which will increase his crimes as such.

Congratulations to you as your innocent blood will haunt that mob until it destroys it just like the innocent blood of Saeed bin Jubair haunted that tyrant until it destroyed him. And perhaps, the word of Saeed bin Jubair spoken to that tyrant after he ordered Saeed to be killed is the same case as our martyr Mustafa: “I laugh at Allah’s forbearance of you, and your fearlessness from Allah. O Allah do not grant this offender domination upon anyone after me!”

Allah (swt) has responded to his prayer, so matters became difficult for that oppressor who didn’t remain for long after the martyrdom of Saeed bin Jubair.

Hizb ut-Tahrir mourns you O Mustafa the Martyr, we entrust you to Allah (swt), and we do not say except what pleases His Almighty. We, O Mustafa, are saddened at your departure. Indeed we belong to Allah (swt) and we shall return to Him (swt).”


Khayal who is a khateeb at numerous mosques in Aleppo spent six years in Bashar al-Assad’s prison where he faced severe torture and was later imprisoned by ISIS for six months prior to his death.

It is alleged that Khayal was killed without any form of trial or judicial proceedings.

ISIS fighters in Syria.
ISIS fighters in Syria.

ISIS have not issued an official statement regarding the killing of Khayal, and it is unlikely that they will due to the high number of Muslims that oppose them who have been summarily executed.

Chairman of HT Britain told 5Pillarz: “This is another tragic loss amongst many in the conflict in Syria.

“I pray Allah accepts him as a shaheed, gives him jannat-ul-firdaws and his family sabr. Hizb ut-Tahrir’s work following the Prophet’s methodology will continue without wavering, so that the current corrupt and oppressive regimes are replaced a by real Khilafah Rashida – and so that the Ummah is united and all people in the region enjoy security and justice under Islam.”

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