Don’t blame Nato for the Libya tragedy, blame their native house slaves

Britain has destroyed countless countries

Libya is now officially a failed state; it is no longer in the midst of civil war or a period of turmoil. Africa’s once most prosperous country is now rudderless, writes journalist Hafsa Kara-Mustapha.

Those running the abysmal show that Libya has become are young men with no set political or religious thinking yet possessing the most sophisticated weaponry around. This weaponry was introduced to the country in 2011 by Qatar keen to join the ranks of the regime changers that were David Cameron and France’s Nicolas Sarkozy.

All those hostile parties were dedicated to the ouster of the Libyan leader and therefore armed young Libyans, encouraging them to turn against their government.

With Gaddafi out of the way, the inevitable power struggle that ensued predictably led to a period of chaos which Libyans will no doubt fondly recall as the civil war period. But as fratricidal as civil wars can be, nations can and often have recovered from them.

However, with the absence of credible interlocutors and with no one group having a clear agenda for the country, it is now abundantly clear that Libya has joined that shameful list of failed states where law and order are non-existent and which gradually turn former nations into hubs of terror, piracy or worse.

Nato and Libyan traitors

Many of course are blaming the Western governments responsible for the Nato operation for this latest failed attempt at exporting “democracy” to a foreign country.

But the fact is that Nato is not responsible. Nato is nothing more than a war machine whose entire raison d’etre is to start wars and fuel the voracious appetite of the arms industry on which Western governments are so reliant.

Nato has therefore done what was expected from it. It pounded a country to rubble, killed indiscriminately and left it in ruins. Nato is therefore blameless here.

Exiled Libyans demonstrate against Gaddafi
Exiled Libyans demonstrate against Gaddafi

Those who brought about this ignominy on their country are those who shamelessly courted the warmongering nations opting for conflict instead of dialogue.

When the initial uprisings began on the 15th of February, Gaddafi offered to negotiate with those who now formed the rebel movement. Friends of Libya such as Hugo Chavez offered to broker talks that would bring the raging war to an end. Gaddafi’s former aids, now calling themselves rebels refused.

Sensing the imminent danger, the Libyan leader announced he would step down but not before organising elections in which observers from Africa and the Arab world would attend. Still his opponents refused.

Instead they flew out to Paris, under the tutelage of notorious Zionist thinker Bernard Henry-Levy, to organise with the then French president the upcoming onslaught on their country.

It is hard to imagine that by inviting the most powerful military organisation in the world to bomb your country you are not accepting that your fellow countrymen will inevitably die in the process. Still as the offers of peace talks were one by one rejected, Libyan rebels were instead selling out quite openly – and with the help of a complicit mainstream media – their country to governments who’d never exhibited any respect for the sanctity of Arab life.

Indeed as I write, the Palestinians of the Gaza strip are being slaughtered, while those very governments Libya’s rebels turned to applaud and encourage Israel’s savagery.

Western intervention

Less than four weeks after the initial protests in the Eastern city of Benghazi, Nato started the military operation. South Africa’s Jacob Zuma (who had flown out to attempt another round of peace talks) had to turn back his plane as the bombing campaign began.

The rest of course is history as they say and that is where the Libyan tragedy becomes all the more poignant. Cliché as this may sound, but history repeats itself and Iraq’s disastrous invasion of 2003 should have been a warning sign to anyone contemplating Western intervention as a means of salvation.

But whether these people willing to sell their country are willing participants or foolish pawns their modus operandi has been the same for years.

They are from across the Arab world and Africa and are the ones willing to whore themselves out on mainstream media desperate to share their sob story to a patronising journalist keen to unearth his latest Arab scoop.

These sell-outs crave the pat on the head from dubious NGOs and will be only too happy to “raise awareness” of their country’s woes in the desperate hope their message will appeal to the goodwill of a Western opinion keen to discover the tragedies of the world in between episodes of Eastenders and Corrie.

While history might repeat itself, it seems that in some parts of the world there is an abundance of bad school boys unwilling to learn!

Despite Iraq and Palestine some “intellectuals” are still asking where is the West every time the slow and painful process of nation building encounters problems.

These sell outs are the modern day equivalent of the house slave desperate to please his master. What they are yet to understand is that the slave master only has contempt for his slave.

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