Court case due to decide fate of Munir Farooqi family homes

The Farooqi family

Greater Manchester Police will attempt to take away the homes of Munir Farooqi, who is serving a lengthy prison sentence for terrorism, in a court case which begins on Thursday.

Following Farooqi’s conviction in 2011, GMP are now applying to the courts to confiscate Farooqi’s three properties because they say they were used for the purposes of terrorism.

In a statement the Farooqi family said: “GMP have applied to confiscate the home to three generations who are totally innocent and not related to the Munir’s conviction in any way. In fact, his son Harris Farooqi who also lives in this house was actually acquitted from the very same trial yet still being punished in this way.

“There are two other properties which are the main source of income and the livliehood for the families. The courts wish to seize these two properties too. This is a gross injustice happening right before our eyes.

Munir Farooqi is serving four life terms for terrorism
Munir Farooqi is serving four life terms for terrorism

“It is the first time ever this law is being used to confiscate a family home. This will mark history. And if the application is successful it will set a very dangerous precedent in law. This means that many other families of convicted persons will be made homeless in the UK by our government.”

The Farooqi family is calling on the public to support them in a peaceful protest outside Manchester Crown Court on 22nd and 23rd May from 10am onwards.

Farooqi, 56, and two others were convicted of engaging in conduct designed to radicalise individuals to commit violent jihad in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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He was sentenced to 18 years in jail after an undercover police operation. The case was particularly controversial because it involved two undercover police officers who pretended to convert to Islam and who secretly recorded conversations with Farooqi and others over a period of about a year.

No weapons or plans were ever found and Farooqi was convicted on his words alone. His family claim those words were taken out of context and were said after constant provocation. They maintain that Farooqi is completely innocent.

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