Abdal Hakim Murad pledges support for Happy Muslims video

Shaikh Abdal Hakim Murad

British Muslim scholar Abdal Hakim Murad has confirmed his support for the Happy British Muslims video after a media report said he had distanced himself from it.

The dean of Cambridge Muslim College appears in the video along with many other prominent British Muslims.

The video has split opinion with some denouncing it as contravening Islamic etiquette or as a lame reaction to mainstream Islamophobic discourse, while others have praised it for its message of positivity.

In a statement Abdal Hakim Murad said: “I’m delighted to see the outcome of the Happy British Muslims video, which has unlocked a remarkable tide of goodwill around the world, and significantly tilted the image of Muslims among many sceptics.

“Islamophobes must be grinding their teeth to see Muslims of different races and age-groups united by happiness. No-one will produce a Sharia argument against jumping for joy! I look forward to working with The Honesty Policy on future productions.”

Earlier the Shaam Post had claimed that Sheikh Murad had distanced himself from the video.

The online newspaper carried a “statement” by him which said: “I didn’t see the final version. It was just a group of very young people with a little camera,” The Shaam Post added that Sheikh Murad said: “It appears improper for Muslims to  “jump around in that way, whether or not they are on camera.”

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