Bradford woman locked up for making £558,000 “illegally”

Musarat Sultana

A woman is serving a four-year prison sentence for money laundering which made her £558,000.

Musarat Sultana, 40, of Springcliffe, Manningham, Bradford, was found guilty last year of channelling £400,000 of illegal cash through her accounts.

Sultana was brought to Bradford Crown Court from prison today for a confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Her case was adjourned until Monday, January 27, after Peter Hampton, barrister for the Crown, said it was looking into hidden assets.

Mr Hampton said the amount for the Crown to seize from Sultana stood at more than £370,000. But hidden assets should be investigated, including £130,000 that had “disappeared” from her accounts.

Mr Hampton said that £30,000 was withdrawn in a single day.

Sultana went back down to the cells after the short hearing.

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She was jailed last December after a trial in which the jury heard she used some of her gains to commit a mortgage fraud to buy a house in Kensington Street, Girlington, Bradford.

Sultana was arrested in 2010.

She was convicted of seven offences of fraud and concealing criminal property.

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