Aussie rugby league star Blake Ferguson converts to Islam

Blake Ferguson

Australian rugby league star Blake Ferguson has converted to Islam after coming under the influence of boxer Anthony Mundine.

Blake made the commitment to his new Islamic faith at a mosque on Friday. The State of Origin star was photographed praying beside Mundine, who also converted rugby league superstar Sonny Bill Williams to the Muslim faith five years ago.

Ferguson declined to comment yesterday, saying: “It’s private. I can’t talk about it, I’m sorry.”

“He’s thought about it and it’s a commitment he wants to make,” Mundine said. “But it’s up to Blake to speak about it when he’s ready. “He’s just looking forward to changing his direction in life. At the moment he’s in good space – no drinking, no drugs, no parties. He’s got the colour back in his face. He wants to be a better person but he’ll still have his faults, like we all do.”

The player, who once earned $400,000-a-year, is living at Mundine’s Hurstville home with the boxer and his mum.

When Sonny Bill Williams’ life went off the rails and he was battling alcohol-related incidents in 2008, Mundine intervened in a similar way.

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