Munir Farooqi family launches urgent appeal to fund his healthcare

Munir Farooqi is serving four life terms for terrorism

The family of Munir Farooqi, whose controversial terrorism conviction was upheld earlier this week, has launched an urgent appeal for funds to finance his private healthcare.

Farooqi, 56, was sentenced to 18 years in jail after an undercover police operation. He was convicted of trying to recruit people to go on jihad in Afghanistan to fight British soldiers.

The case was particularly controversial because it involved two undercover police officers who pretended to convert to Islam and who secretly recorded conversations with Farooqi and others over a period of about a year.

No weapons or plans were ever found and Farooqi was convicted on his words alone. His family claim those words were taken out of context and were said after constant provocation. They maintain that Farooqi is completely innocent.

In a statement the family said: “Munir Farooqi’s appeal was unfortunately dismissed. We, and our supporters remain unwavered in our conviction that he and his co defendants are totally innocent and this has been a huge miscarriage of justice.

“Our URGENT appeal now is to help us raise funds for private healthcare for Munir Farooqi. He is diabetic and his health has been severely neglected by the prison authorities which has now resulted in his eyesight deteriorating and numbness in legs which can lead to loss of eyesight and the ability to walk, God forbid.

“We need to raise a total of £10, 000 inclusive of barristers fees for this specific area. We shall repay you as soon as possible insha Allah. If you could help by donating or in other ways please contact 07522428709 stating your name, amount you wish to donate and we will contact you asap. For more info on the issue contact 07727233665. May Allah SWT relieve you of your difficulties in this life and the next. Ameen.”

The Farooqi verdict also means that a hearing to confiscate the family home in Manchester on the grounds that it was used for terrorism purposes will now proceed. The home is shelter to three generations of the Farooqi family and human rights groups say this is tantamount to collective punishment.

For more information on the case go to

If you’d like to donate, please do so to the following bank account:

Harris Ahmed Farooqi

Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort code:163221

Account No: 10142290

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