Two more Muslim organisations oppose military action in Syria

Chief Executive of Ramdhan Foundation, Mohammed Shafiq

Two more Muslim organisations have come out in opposition to Western military intervention in Syria, but have cited very different justifications.

The Manchester-based Ramadhan Foundation said that Western military action would just inflame an already brutal civil war and urged a political settlement in Syria.

Meanwhile, one of the main Shia organisations in the UK, the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM), warned that an alliance of the West and “takfiri” groups are the greatest danger to the Middle East.

Ramadhan Foundation

Chief Executive of Ramadhan Foundation, Mohammed Shafiq, issued the following statement yesterday ahead of the Westminster debate on Syria:

“It deeply concerns the Ramadhan Foundation that the British Government has been rushing into possible military action in Syria without allowing the UN Weapon Inspectors to complete their work and the UN Security Council to consider their evidence.

“Most decent people will be appalled by the chemical attacks last week and our hearts go out to the victims but neither the British Government or other countries have proved with concrete certainty that Dictator Bashar Al Assad’s regime carried out these abhorrent crimes.

“We know that the Assad regime has been responsible for the killing of innocent people in Syria however the opposition has been accused of various human rights abuses and crimes against humanity. The supplying of weapons to both sides has led to a situation where neither side is willing to give ground to the other.

“The Ramadhan Foundation opposes military action in Syria on the basis that it will not bring an end to the suffering of the people and nor will it bring a political settlement between both parties.

“We urge Members of Parliament to oppose any motion for military action as this will lead to more bloodshed and suffering of the people of Syria, there is only solution and that is a political settlement.

“There is a real fear that with military action in Syria there will be an increased terrorist threat to the United Kingdom and that extremists will use this action to drive young people into extremism, we cannot allow that to happen.

“As Ban Ki Moon said yesterday we must give peace a chance and on that basis the Ramadhan Foundation cannot support military action in Syria.”


Meanwhile, AIM issued the following communique against any Western military intervention in Syria which it considers an illegal and inhumane act.

“We further warn of the grave consequences for the region that will undoubtedly result from such an action; one that will foment more divisions and contribute to even greater loss of life.

“We believe it is the collective role of conscientious and law-abiding citizens to undertake all efforts to raise awareness against the unjust policies of politicians and media outlets, particularly in Western countries, who are encouraging yet another war.

“Such efforts should be conducted with the goal of liberating the minds, promoting peace and co-existence, and bringing about positive reform through a renewed sense of ethical conduct in political and media arenas.

“We must have a clear stance towards rogue states that fuel sectarianism and instability in the Muslim world. This includes the regional states that have fuelled the Syrian crisis since the outset – principally, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Qatar and Erdogan’s Turkey; absolute monarchies and would-be Sultanates supposedly promoting ‘democracy’ in Syria.

“It is also important to mention that today we are witnessing a merging of forces between Western powers and Al-Qaeda affiliated terror groups sponsored by Saudi Arabia. This phenomenon is extremely dangerous and has manifested itself in the form of groups such as the Al-Nusra front in Syria which benefits from Western support under the pretext of promoting freedom and democracy in Syria.

“Across the Middle East, these fanatical groups are spreading chaos – from the Levant to Iraq. These Saudi-backed terror groups murder hundreds of innocents in cold-blood in markets and workplaces on a daily basis.

“In light of these challenges there is a dire need, more than ever before, for concerted efforts to bring Muslims of all denominations together and to stand united in confronting the challenges of our time. We, the Muslims, have a responsibility to confront the dangers that face the Ummah at this perilous juncture, and to clearly speak out against the fateful alliance of Western powers and Saudi-backed terror groups who are wreaking havoc throughout the Muslim world.

“Each one of us bears a responsibility before the Almighty to preserve the life, possessions and dignity of others, particularly those oppressed in the Ummah of our beloved Messenger, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him and his family).

“Lastly, we extend our prayers for the innocent victims across the Arab and Muslim world who are paying an enormous price for the power-games unleashed by the war-mongers and tyrants of our age. In particular, we remember the suffering peoples of Palestine, Syria, Pakistan and Iraq who are bearing the brunt of these evil plots.”

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