Muslim teenager murdered in a possible “mistaken identity”

Ajmol Alom was described as a "star pupil" and a promising boxer who used to pray five times a day

A Muslim teenager has been murdered in London in what the police have described as an “unprovoked attack” by a gang.

Ajmol Alom,16, died as a result of a fatal stab wound inflicted by a gang of youths in Poplar, east London on Monday night.

Another 16-year-old boy was attacked in the same incident in Spey Street, Poplar, around 9.50pm.

Emran Miah,16, a local resident of Poplar who knew Ajmol said to 5 Pillarz: “It’s shocking that someone could do something like this to Ajmol in cold blood. He was a popular boy in our area and never known to be associated with bad people. Ramadan has finished and Eid has just passed us, everyone who knew him are very upset.”

Ajmol was described as a “star pupil” by his school teachers and was a promising young boxer who studied and trained hard.

Both victims of Bangladeshi descent were taken to hospital where Ajmol died as a result of a serious wound to his upper thigh. The second boy, who was stabbed through the cheek, currently remains in hospital.

Unprovoked attack

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Detective Chief Inspector Andy Chalmers, from Scotland Yard, said: “Initial indications are that Ajmol was with four friends. They were peaceful; they were conducting conversations at the location.

“They were then confronted by five to six other males who were wearing bandanas and were hooded. There appears to have been an unprovoked attack when the victim received his facial injuries and then Ajmol was stabbed.”

Mr Chalmers said the police were keeping an “open mind” as to whether the incident was gang related. He said: “Initial indications are that Ajmol is not linked to any gangs and there is no indication at this time that Ajmol or any of his associates with him last night did any act which may have provoked this incident.”

A 19-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Outstanding pupil and a good Muslim

Former mayor of Tower Hamlets Doros Ullah said Ajmol “used to pray five times a day” and he had been informed that the teenager was the victim of mistaken identity.

He added: “He was outside with some man who we understand, had been in some trouble in the past, and three boys that came around were looking for him, so he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and became the victim.”

Afzol Miah who knows Ajmol’s family said to 5 Pillarz: “The family are absolutely devastated. They have just lost a son straight after Ramadan and Eid. He was awaiting his GCSE results which were predicted to be fantastic. This is an unfortunate reality in London where youths who aren’t linked to gangs fall victims to such heartless and cold blooded violence.”

Chris Dunne, head teacher at Langdon Park School, said Ajmol was awaiting GCSE results and was a “very, very splendid young man with a bright future”. He said Ajmol was planning to take A-levels before going on to a “very good university” where he had spoken of studying medicine.

Mr Dunne added: “He was very able in all areas, but that didn’t mean he didn’t work incredibly hard. He came to all the revision classes, he worked flat-out. Hardworking, industrious, but also a very caring and thoughtful young man.”

Ajmol’s head teacher also stated that the teenager had recently taken part in a conflict resolution project with other young people from Northern Ireland, in which he was “hugely active”.

Hassan Mahmood and Taqui Khezihi

Hassan Mahmood,15, of Pakistani descent was stabbed to death on July 15 during Ramadan at Oaklands Park, Birmingham when he confronted a group of youths over a Facebook spat. West Midlands Police described the incident which initially began as “banter” but then turned “nasty”.

Taqui Khezihi,21, of Algerian descent was murdered while fasting on Tuesday 6 August. He died as a result of a fatal stab wound in what the police described as a “brawl” next to Ealing Broadway Station.

Taqui and his brother Borhan Khezihi, 24, were both heading to a store when a gang of males approached him. According to Borhan, Taqui told his attacker “leave me alone, I’m fasting”.

Borhan was stabbed on the shoulder but Taqui received a fatal stab wound that pierced his heart. His brother confirmed that he witnessed Taqui say before he died, “Allahu akbar Allahu akbar” and said his shahadah.

Taqui was part of the “”Friday Show – How to start practicing Islam” You Tube channel.


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