Boris Johnson uses London Eid Festival to fool Muslims

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

Political activist, Anila Malik writes that Boris Johnson is using the announcement of the London Eid Festival to fool Muslims from his real views regarding Islam.

The Mayor of London announced the Eid Festival, which is now in its tenth year will return to Trafalgar Square this month.

The free event is organised in association with the Eid Committee – a voluntary organisation made up of representatives from various Muslim groups in London. It will take place on August 17 and marks the end of Ramadan – the holy month of fasting for Muslims.

Boris Johnson said: “Muslims in London and across the world are fasting for the blessed month of Ramadan and spending time in prayer and contemplation.

“When it ends, comes a time of happiness and celebration, as well as forgiveness and unity. I hope that Londoners from all communities will take the opportunity to join our festivities in Trafalgar Square.”

Some may view this as a genuine gesture by the government in a bid to build community cohesion and to show support towards the Muslim’s residing in Britain.

Contemplation, forgiveness and unity

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However, many can’t help being sceptical, especially as the Mayor of London quotes Ramadan to be a time of “prayer, contemplation, forgiveness and unity”. What could he possibly be referring to?

Time for “contemplation”? Islam can only ever fit in with the secular, liberal template according to the Mayor and others at Downing Street. So if you wish to live in “peace” then you must reject the Islam as a comprehensive ideology as your basis or else we will continue to ostracise you. For we worry should you become more Islamic you will continue to expose us and people will come to realise that the few perpetrators who commit acts of violence are radicalised by your contributions towards the oppression of their brethren.

Time for “forgiveness”? Find it in your hearts to “forgive” us as we must continue doing what we do best, colonise! Hence anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic rhetoric, especially in the aftermath of the Woolwich incident was crucial. It was imperative that we took the heat away from our foreign policy and present Islam as the criminal that awoke the giant (Lee Rigby’s killer). We realised the repercussions of such polarisation would lead to far-right extremists targeting your mosques and women, especially those in Islamic dress, nevertheless you must understand to protect our ideology we must always take precautionary measures, even if it’s made many people’s life’s unbearable.

Time for “unity”? Remember you are British before Muslim, so your loyalty should be more with our troops who invade your country and kill your innocent. So we will not tolerate a call of unity or brotherhood for global Muslims, especially if you intend to build public opinion against us. You must appreciate the dangers as Muslims and wider society will start to see us as part of the disease infecting your lands as oppose to the cure we try so hard to portray.

So come and enjoy the Eid Festival we are hosting for you and allow bygones to be bygones, until the next time the lion starts to roar!

Call me a cynic or maybe I’m simply just a rationalist who sees this as another ploy to repair the government’s tattered image, whilst attempting to further secularise its Muslim population.

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