Eid Mubarak from the 5Pillarz team!

On behalf of the 5Pillarz team I’d like to wish our readers Eid Mubarak, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.

We are going to take a short rest over the next few days to be with our families and enjoy the festive period. And we hope you will do exactly the same.

So forgive us if we don’t post as regularly as we have been doing, but as soon as our batteries are refreshed we will be back providing you with the latest news and giving you a platform to express your views.

The break will also give us the opportunity to transfer the website onto a faster server so that our pages load more quickly and we suffer fewer technical problems.

Let me also express my thanks to you for making the first two months of 5Pillarz an unexpectedly positive one, especially in terms of the amount of people visiting our website and sharing and commenting on our articles and videos.

Please forgive us for any mistakes or misjudgements we’ve made and please understand that it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to please all the people all of the time.

But we really are trying to do our best to represent the Muslim ummah fairly and accurately in a way that gives space to a diversity of opinion within the framework of mutual respect.

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So may Allah Most High bless you all and Eid Mubarak once more!

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