Britain’s first Muslim MP appointed governor of Punjab

Mohammad Sarwar

Britain’s first Muslim MP has been appointed as the govenor of Punjab, the largest and most powerful state in Pakistan.

Mohammad Sarwar recently renounced his British citizenship to take up the role which is one of the more senior jobs in the government.

“Everything that I have learnt in my time in Britain – the knowledge and how to run institutions – I can use it for the benefit of Pakistanis,” said Sarwar, who previously served three terms as a member of the British parliament, while talking to Reuters. “I can be a bridge between overseas Pakistanis and Pakistanis here and work for the betterment of both.”

Talking about the challenges confronting Punjab, Sarwar said: “I believe life is in the hands of God. If you are in politics, you have to do the right thing and some people are not going to like it.”

He added that he hoped to use his experience in Britain to improve education in Punjab, working alongside UN special education envoy and former British prime minister Gordon Brown.

Sarwar, who was the former Glasgow Govan Labour MP but left the UK parliament in 2010, has been a prominent supporter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Mr Sarwar’s son, Anas, went on to win the Westminster seat vacated by his father in the May 2010 general election. He was appointed deputy leader of the Scottish Labour party in 2011.

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