Muslims protest against human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir

Indian police attacking protesters in IOK

Muslims will be holding a demonstration outside the Indian Embassy against the government’s extra judicial killings and human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).

Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance (JKNIA) will be holding the demonstration today outside the Indian High Commission at 3pm in London.

Chairman of JKNIA, Mahmood Kashmiri said to 5 Pillarz: “We are protesting against the violence administered by the Indian government, its army, police and security forces in occupied Kashmir.

“On a daily basis Kashmiris are either dying or being seriously injured at the hands of Indian forces. On July 18 four people died and many were injured”.

JKNIA is a British based organisation which formed in 2005 to raise awareness about human rights violations against Kashmiris by the Indian government as well as lobbying for independence from India. Around 200 people are expected to attend today.

Mr Kashmiri added: “Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Muslims from other backgrounds as well as human rights activists will be joining us to expose and raise awareness about the daily atrocities that is occurring in Kashmir by the Indian authorities.”

Kashmiri liberation activist Sofia Ahmed said to 5 Pillarz: “The Kashmiri cause has always been a big part of our family life and I have been active since I was about 10-years-old. Kashmir is the forgotten conflict, the people there have been suffering from state oppression, military occupation and gross human rights abuses. They have been denied the right for self determination for over 65 years.

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“My message to the Indian government is that they need to realise that this kind of mass killing is not going unseen and unheard. People are meticulously compiling evidence and reports on the gross human rights abuses going on in the area, one day they will have to pay a heavy price for their oppression of Kashmiri people. It is just a matter of time.”

Ramban bloodbath

In IOK, the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front-R (JKLF-R), Farooq Ahmad Dar said that the recent killing of Kashmiris inside India is “part of a big conspiracy to fan violence in the occupied territory”. Mr Dar addressing a public gathering after jummah prayers in Kulgam said that the killing of Pervaiz Ahmad Teli, who was studying in Mumbai, was part of the conspiracy.

Talking about the Ramban bloodbath, he said that some two days before the incident the Indian army chief, while talking to Chief Minister of the territory, Omar Abdullah assured that the culprits of the Bandipora killing would be brought to book and such incidents would not happen again. However after he left the valley, the Ramban incident took place in which Indian security services and police opened fire on peaceful protestors, demonstrating against the desecration of the Quran where several youths were killed and many were injured.

Mr Dar described the occupied territory as being transformed into a police state and has been transposed into a huge graveyard, where “the length and breadth one can find graves of the youth”. He said: “Oppression and injustices are on its verge, crossing all the limits. However Indian rulers should make one point into their mind that one day they will have to end this illegal occupation in Kashmir.”

Kashmiri media outlet, Kashmir Media Service released the following statistics since January 1989 to May 2013:

Total number of deaths: 93,863

Died in police custody: 7,000

Civilians arrested: 121,361

Buildings and homes destroyed or burnt: 105,977

Women widowed: 22,767

Children orphaned: 107,450

Rapes: 10,055

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