Footballer offers to help disabled man during Ramadan

Frederic Kanoute is a practicing Muslim

A Muslim football player has vowed to help a disabled man during the month of Ramadan.

French-born Malian Frederic Kanoute promised to help Imraan Adam (who has cerebral palsy) after he was refused extra care from his local council with eating, drinking and praying during Ramadan.

The former Sevilla striker has offered to assist Mr Adam who cannot afford to pay for his extra care. Derby City Council stated that extra care would be available for Mr Adam for an additional price which they are not willing to fund.

Mr Adam needs an additional two hours of care which would cost Derby City Council extra £30 a day – a sum which they claim they cannot afford.

When Kanoute heard of Mr Adam’s dilemma on Monday, he tweeted: “I need contact of br Imraan Adam from Derby. I want to pay for his extra care during Ramadan to help him fast.”

Mr Adam, who is originally from Leicester, said: “I really need this help. It is not a question of wanting the extra care, I need it. We live in a society where disabled people are supposed to be included in society. At the end of the day if I can’t fast then I am being excluded from Muslim society as all my family and friends will be fasting at the same time.

“I can’t do anything with my hands and I need to be physically fed. It means I have to come up with the money myself – or I can’t fast.”

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Mr Adam receives around £2,000 from Derby City Council.

Mohammed Abdullah, 25, who was studying at the University of Derby at the same time as Mr Adam told 5 Pillarz: “Many Muslims at the university knew Imraan. He is a devout Muslim and always studied hard. This news came as a shock to those who know him. I think it’s really unfair that local authorities are unable to provide extra care for people with disabilities but are physically fit for religious observations like fasting in the month of Ramadan.

“I believe the extra care was already being provided to Imraan previously during Ramadan, but now the council want to charge him extra but unwilling to assist him financially, this is wrong.”

Derby City Council

Derby City Council has stated that there is capacity in Mr Adam’s care package to shift times to allow for his religious observance. Cabinet member for adults and health, Councillor Mark Tilley said: “In this instance Mr Adam’s request for additional hours was turned down due to the fact that he is already in receipt of 24-hour care, which includes dual carer support twice daily.

“It was considered that there was capacity within the substantial level of support currently in place to adjust the timing and/or duration of calls to support the changing pattern of his day when observing Ramadan.”

Other alternative options explained to Mr Adam included receiving his support through a direct payment which the council said could “increase flexibility, control and value for money from his personal budget”.

Since 2009, Mr Adam had been able to have his care extended to include the two hours before sunrise for Ramadan, but this year his care provider confirmed this cannot be done without an extra charge.

Mr Tilley said: “Given the extremely challenging financial position the council is in, and the substantial level of support Mr Adam already receives, it has not been possible to offer this extra support again this year.”

Mr Adam and the council are due to meet later today to discuss arrangements.

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