FOSIS holds its 50th annual conference

The biggest event in the Muslim student calendar

The biggest event in the Muslim student calendar began on Wednesday and is running through till Saturday.

Hundreds of Muslim students from across Britain have attended the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) 50th annual conference held at the University of Birmingham this year.

The four-day event will end on Saturday with tickets still available to participate in numerous events, charity competitions, workshops and lectures delivered by international guest speakers.

FOSIS was established in 1963 when a small group of Islamic society leaders from across Britain assembled in Birmingham. The organization now represents over 115,000 Muslim students including 120 Islamic societies in the UK and Ireland. Their activities have included dawah, Islamic knowledge, politics, campaigns and academia.

The conference has been given huge support on Twitter and Facebook, and from numerous Muslim organizations like the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and IERA.


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Event organizers decided to hold the conference at the venue of its birth place, the Cadbury Hall, University of Birmingham. A majority of the conference will be held in the Great Hall and Bramall Music Building.

The conference themes for day one and two was “The Advent of Prophet Muhammad (saw)” and “The Golden Age of Islamic Contribution to Humanity”. Today’s theme is “Our Surroundings Today and in the Modern Era” finishing with “The Future, A Bright Future” on Saturday. The themes will cover all aspects of life including society, individual worship and politics.

Guest speakers and scholars from around the world have attended and will be giving speeches. They include: Sheikh Bilal Assad (Australia), Dr Reda Bedeir (Egypt), Imam Abdul Latif Finch (USA), Qari Yasir Abdul Basit (Egypt) and many more.

Notable personalities from the UK will also be speaking: Fatima Barkatullah (Director of the “Seeds of Change” conference), Dr Akram Nadwi, Dr Anas Altikriti and Farooq Murad of MCB and others.

There will also be numerous workshops and competitions that will take place including the Qur’an competition, FOSIS annual video competition, Sisters Basketball Shootout and ISOCCER tournaments.

Tickets can still be purchased online:




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