Student Rights targets FOSIS conference

President of FOSIS Omar Ali

So-called counter extremism group Student Rights is at it again, targeting guest speakers at university ISOC events. This time, they have demanded that FOSIS rethink their decision to allow what they regard as an “extremist ” speaker a platform at  their annual event.

Student Rights published an article saying that Islamic speaker Shady Al-Suleiman from Australia was clearly an extremist preacher who promotes “jihad” “hate” and “intolerance”.

They focused on comments made by Mr Al-Suleiman in regards to the conflicts in Gaza, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Iraq, apparently out of context.

Similarly, they also seem to have taken his comments about Hamas and  other revolutionary groups in the Muslim world out of context.

But the president of FOSIS, Omar Ali has confirmed to 5 Pillarz that Mr Suleiman will not be attending their annual conference, not because of any pressure from Student Rights but simply because he was unable to make it.


Omar Ali wrote in the Huffington Post that his organization are “The biggest barrier to violent extremism” and described the government’s new Prevent Strategy as “counter productive” arguing that no Muslim student group would promote or encourage extremism.

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This wouldn’t be the first time that Student Rights have targeted FOSIS events and branded their guest speakers as extremists.

They also made a big controversy over the segregation between males and females in university ISOC events. Besides that they have also highlighted that tackling “violent extremism” is one of their key aims and objectives. This includes tarnishing speakers like Hamza Tzortis of IERA.

Mr Ali said to 5 Pillarz: “Student Rights are not a legitimate representative of any student organization or views. Just recently Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake has resigned from the position of trustee and others are looking to do the same because their reporting is very shabby and misinformed.”

I do not worry about Student Rights because their reporting is more illegitimate and witch hunting, so just let them write. Ultimately FOSIS and university ISOC’s will carry on doing the good work that we are already engaged in.”

Student Rights funding

It still remains unclear who actually funds SR. Is it government funded, linked with other counter extremist organizations or surviving via generous pro-Zionist donors?

Mr Ali said: “This is an interesting area that Student Rights keep very quiet about.”

We have also asked them directly to declare who they are funded by. There are links between Student Rights and the Henry Jackson Society as some receipts have proven. But who knows?”

Editor of 5 Pillarz, Roshan Muhammed Salih openly asked Raheem Kassam of SR about their funding. The conversation can be read on the link below.


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