BNP demo put to a halt

300 UAF activists gathered outside Whitehall today

The British National Party’s demonstration has been put to a halt by the police by separating them from United Against Fascism supporters in London, 10 days after the Woolwich murder.

The BNP’s “Hate preachers out – United against Islamism” demonstration has been put to a halt by the police to avoid disruption in the capital.

Several hundred BNP supporters and members began their march from the House of Commons, intending to go through Westminster where 300 UAF activists have gathered.

The Police have told the anti-fascist supporters on microphones that they have breached their marching conditions and have come too far into Whitehall.

Both groups initially planned their demonstrations to take place in Woolwich which was stopped by the police to avoid further community tensions. The BNP wanted to march from the Woolwich Barracks to Lewisham Islamic Centre.

Police are currently separating the two groups and there is no sign of the BNP leader Nick Griffin.

There is a lot of taunting between the two groups. One BNP supporter has been seen with a bloody nose but no outbreak of violence has occurred yet.

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UAF activist, Michael Sol said: “We may have breached our marching conditions, but we will not let these Nazi fascists march through the capital voicing their hateful and racist slogans.”

“We are not here to cause trouble, but to actually protect the public and show a firm stance against far-right groups that have used the Woolwich murder to stir up racial and religious tensions.”

Around 50 anti-fascist protesters were later served with a public service order after today’s counter demonstration in London and some were arrested after being kettled in by the police.


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