Islamophobic attacks edging towards 200 since Woolwich murder

Grimsby mosque

An official number of 162 Islamophobic attacks were recorded since the Woolwich murder until May 25, according to the Director of the Faith Matters charity, Fiyaz Mughal.

Three days later and the number of attacks could easily have reached 200. Muslims are now fearing that Islamophobia is becoming mainstream in British society.

Mr Mughal told Sky News how before the Woolwich attack only 2-4 Islamophobic attacks were reported to Faith Matters every day. Since the Woolwich incident the numbers have soared up to 162 and must be creeping closer to 200.

He described how the attacks varied from vandalism, graffiti and arson of mosques, verbal abuse, physical violence and threatening behaviour. The victims have mainly been women or young teenagers, some as young as 9.

A mosque in Grimsby was petrol bombed yesterday night. Two white males were charged with arson and 11 teenagers were arrested in connection to the incident.

A Muslim woman of Iraqi descent was abused in Reading this afternoon whilst walking through the town centre with her husband.

Three days after Mr Mughal’s confirmation of recorded attacks, it would be fair to say that the number could have easily reached 200 if not more, if we include attacks that were not reported out of fear of further reprisals.

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