BNP launches donation drive to fight “Islamic menace”

The BNP is the UK's most prominent right-wing group

The right-wing British National Party is exploiting the anti-Muslim sentiment in the country by launching a recruitment and donation drive.

Nick Griffin’s party, which has lost support in recent years, says its office phones have been ringing off the hook since “the ritual slaughter of one of our young British soldiers by Muslim extremists.”

In an e-mail message to supporters the BNP says that Islam is incompatible with British values. “Islam and our civilisation will never mix and Britain’s £12billion a year foreign aid budget must be used to resettle Muslims in their countries of origin. BNP policy is as simple as it is effective: We bring our soldiers home from Muslim countries and Muslims leave ours. It’s common sense that’s needed to prevent civil war in our country.”

The BNP promises donation money will be used to fight the “Islamic menace and force the cowardly political class into taking action.”

The party is the most prominent far-right political organization in Britain and is the descendant of the fascist National Front party from the 1970s and 1980s. It is planning national “days of action” in late May and early June in London to protest against the Woolwich killing.

Another far-right group, the English Defence League, has already seen its membership triple to more than 75,000 people, according to newspaper reports.

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