Fresh waves of Islamophobic attacks

Islamophobia is deeply ingrained in our society

Fresh waves of Islamophobic attacks have taken place in the last 48 hours and the main victims have been women and children.
Three separate incidents occurred in London where white males attacked three Muslim women, pulling off their hijabs and trying to strip them of their clothing.  
One of the incidents happened on Church Street off Edgware Road, Central London. 
Another attack took place in Fulham when a Muslim woman had her head scarf and niqaab dragged off her. She took refuge in the nearest mosque, Masjid al-Almuntada al-Islami.
A man was stabbed in Woolwich today, 300 yards away from where Lee Rigby was murdered on Wednesday. His name and ethnicity have not been confirmed.

It’s also been reported that a gang of around 30 white males have stabbed three Muslim teenagers, although the location is yet to be confirmed.

In Leicester, young madrassa students aged between 9-12 were attacked by white males on their way home. 

5 Pillarz published an article yesterday advising Muslims about how to safeguard themselves from Islamophobic attacks which you can read here: 
 Report ALL incidents to the police and be vigilant!

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