Should Muslims apologise for Woolwich?

Crime scene outside Woolwich barracks

Within hours of the Woolwich attack, Muslim organizations and personalities have  come out condemning today’s incident. But by doing so are they reinforcing the link between Islam and terrorism in people’s minds, Dilly Hussain writes.

With so little information about what happened, who the perpertrators actually were and why members of the public so calmly recorded and engaged with suspected “terrorists” with bloody hands holding a machete, questions must be raised.

Just because the suspects said “Allah hu Akbar” many Muslims have come out condemning and apologizing without actually waiting for developments to unfold and evidence to be publicised.

Like the recent Boston bombings, mainstream media and politicians will do their utmost to pressure Muslims to apologize and condemn instead of actually waiting, understanding and questioning.

Do not be surprised to see unbalanced, over-excessive coverage, indirect political justification of the War on Terror and British foreign policy in relation to today’s events.

Yet pivotal questions and double-standards about Britain’s foreign policy in the Muslim world and the demonization of Islam domestically will be silenced under the barrage of coverage of “homegrown radicalization.”


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