Mosques attacked after Woolwich beheading

Gillingham Mosque was attacked during Maghrib

Worshippers at numerous mosques have been attacked and the properties vandalised as a result of today’s events in Woolwich.

Two men have been arrested after separate attacks on mosques following the “terrorist” incident in Woolwich.

Kent Muslim Welfare Association, Gillingham Mosque, Kent, was just attacked a few hours ago as worshippers attended for Maghrib prayers.

A young white man has been reported to have been arrested.

Worshippers of Gillingham Mosque have collectively stated that it seems to be a direct result of media sensationalism regarding the Woolwich incident.

Local resident Timsaal Khan, 25, said: “The sad fact is that it is local communities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, who have to face increased tensions and deterioration of relations with one another as a result of the irresponsible sensationalism of popular news outlets. Rather than provide the public with factual, unattached reports of high-profile incidents, such as the one in Woolwich, prejudices are fuelled with selective use of media jargon and political narratives are further upheld.

“We, as a community, now have to deal with attacks and angry members of the non-Muslim community, as a result of being unjustifiably aligned by the media with a crime that took place 30 miles away from here.”

A 43 year old man is in custody on suspicion of attempted arson after reportedly walking into a mosque with a knife
in Braintree, Essex.

Local MP Brooks Newmark tweeted:

“Just met with leaders of local mosque in Braintree which was attacked this evening. Thanked local police for their swift response.”

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