Ex-British MMA fighter beats up German police officers for allegedly lifting wife’s niqab

    Video footage showing a former British MMA fighter beating up two German police officers at Frankfurt Airport for allegedly trying to search his wife in the absence of a female officer.

    Whilst German and mainstream media outlets are reporting that the man lost his temper due to a delayed flight, alternative media outlets like 301+ News and other online forums are claiming that the two German police officers tried to search the woman after she refused to lift her niqab in the absence of a female officer.

    After the man objected to male officers searching his wife, an argument broke out which led to his wife fainting.

    It was after this the man can be seen to have attacked the police officers.

    Frankfurt Police issued a statement on its Facebook page about the assault, which occurred last Saturday in front of a large crowd of passengers near a Lufthansa airline check-in desk.

    They said: “Due to the bad weather in the night from Friday to Saturday, several thousand passengers were stranded at the airport.

    “A 38-year-old English passenger, who wanted to fly to England, had at the info desk launched verbal attacks and threatened employees.”

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    The statement went on to say that officers tried to calm the situation without success before the fight broke out.

    Police added the incident was not related to terrorism and that it shared the video on its Facebook page to clarify what happened.

    Officer said “false messages” about the footage could lead to “anxiety and terror”.

    Both the officers and the passenger sustained minor injuries and an investigation is ongoing.


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