13 yr old Palestinian shot by Israeli police as Jewish settlers shouted insults at him

    A 13-year-old Palestinian boy bled to death after being shot in the neck with live ammunition, whilst Jewish settlers shouted insults at him.

    A video posted on Youtube shows the tragic moment when teenager Ahmed Manasara was lying on the floor bleeding from a gunshot wound, while the Jewish settler who recorded the video insulted him in Arabic.

    “Die you mother f*****, die you son of a b****”, the settler is heard in the video footage, yelling at the dying child who was asking for help.

    “Shoot him once more in the head,” the settler asked the Israeli policeman.

    Ahmed Manasara was shot in the neck with live bullets, medics said, during protest south of al-Bireh in Ramallah.

    The teenager, who bled to death, is the 24th Palestinian to be killed this month.

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