Student Rights targets FOSIS conference

So-called counter extremism group Student Rights is at it again, targeting guest speakers at university ISOC events. This time, they have demanded that FOSIS re-think their...

Muslims outraged over JIMAS march with EDL

A British Islamic charity has sparked outrage amongst Muslims after marching in unity with the EDL. Ipswich based charity Jami'at Ihya Minhaj al Sunnah (JIMAS)...

Cageprisoners launches campaign against airport harassment

Human rights group Cageprisoners has launched a website to detail the human misery behind “Schedule 7” stops at British airports and to campaign for...

MCB calls for “serious action” into Islamophobic attacks

The Muslim Council of Britain have issued a statement in response to a mosque in North London being petrol bombed earlier today and have...

Anti-terror police investigate London Islamic centre fire

The Police are investigating the cause of a fire which destroyed an Islamic community centre in London as "racially motivated" in connection to the...

Muslim woman suspects attack from army cadet base

A British Muslim woman has alleged that a glass bottle was thrown at her from an army cadet base in London. Mrs Jameela Khanom was...

EDL marches held across the country

The English Defence League are holding events up and down the country, 10 days after the Woolwich murder that resulted in a major Islamophobic...

BNP demo put to a halt

The British National Party's demonstration has been put to a halt by the police by separating them from United Against Fascism supporters in London,...

Jewish Chronicle pays libel damages to Muslim charity

The biggest Jewish newspaper in the UK has paid libel damages and issued an official statement of apology for accusing a British Muslim charity...

Poor turnout in Ilford Muslim march for dead soldier

Muslims of Ilford organized a march today in memory of dead British soldier Lee Rigby who was killed in Woolwich last week. Around 50 people...
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