Muslim vote backed candidates win five seats in Parliament

Five independent candidates on pro-Palestine tickets have beaten Labour and have been propelled into parliament on the back of the Muslim vote.

They were Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn, optometrist Shockat Adam in Leicester South, engineer Iqbal Mohamed in Dewsbury and Batley, solicitor Adnan Hussain in Blackburn, and former Liberal Democrat councillor Ayoub Khan in Birmingham Perry Barr.

Several other pro-Palestine independents came a close second to Labour in their constituencies.

The Muslim Vote organisation said the mass Muslim mobilisation around the General Election had been a huge success.

They said the results were “unprecedented” and had “sent shockwaves through our political system.”

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“The goal from the very start has been to empower the Muslim vote and send the main political parties a message: Muslims are united, in Muslim-heavy areas your majorities will be under threat, and there may even be an upset. Tonight we did that in spades.”

The Muslim Vote added that huge Labour majorities had been slashed, including for Wes Streeting, Rushanara Ali, Jess Philips and Keir Starmer.

On the other hand, split votes cost Muslims seats and the Muslim community turnout was low. Moreover, many Muslims still decided to vote Labour despite the shadow of Gaza hanging over us.

“Today, as predicted, Labour have secured a landslide. But in Muslim-heavy seats the seeds of our community’s future have been sown. It will not be a landslide in the coming elections – and that is when the message sent today will really resonate.”

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