Push back against LGBTQ lobby in schools, respond to consultation today

Yusuf Patel of The Muslim Family Initiative is urging Muslims to immediately respond to a government consultation (deadline March 12) which could curb the worst excesses of teachers who are trying to push “gender ideology” onto our kids.

The line between teacher and “gender ideology” activist has become blurred. Nowadays many teachers feel that they must stand as an ally when a child expresses dissatisfaction with their biological sex. And they believe by “affirming a child” they are able to live their “authentic self.”

So when a girl wants to be addressed as “he/him,” why shouldn’t a teacher affirm? When a boy identifies as a girl and wants to use the girls’ toilets, this is “equality in action” even if real girls are fearful of using the toilets if a boy play-acting as a girl can enter at any moment.

Then there are the real cases. Like the Muslim boy who approached his teacher to convey the news that his mother was expecting a boy and he was looking forward to being a big brother. What did the teacher say? Did she congratulate him?

No, she conveyed the slogan of the new religion, “gender identity,” which is a contested belief. Her reply was: “How do you know you’re having a brother? He’ll decide his gender when he gets older.”

In an age where a biological reality (biological sex) holds little weight, but an idea (gender identity) rooted in 1950’s America in the mind of a pervert like John Money is considered real, this shows what happens in the absence of objective morality from the Creator.

That is why the draft guidance on “gender-questioning children” is a game changer.  For the first time it sets rules governing what a school can and cannot do. It also restricts the influence of LGBTQ lobby groups like Stonewall and Mermaids.

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It’s important that we make clear we are on the whole supportive of this guidance.

LGBTQ ideology is being spread in schools

The Times leader, commenting on the new gender-questioning guidance, encapsulated how chaotic things have become:

“Sex Education has been compulsory in schools since 2020, but the obligation arrived without clear instructions as to how it should be carried out. Schools were forced to turn to third-party providers, creating what some described as a ‘Wild West’ environment. This left them, and children, at the mercy of companies that suggested children as young as three could be transgender, or that there is a ‘galaxy’ of genders, or that children should be encouraged to make genitalia out of Play-Doh.”

That is why the draft guidance should be welcomed by all parents who believe things have gone too far. What does the guidance say?

It includes the following practical advice to schools:

  • Gender identity is a contested belief.
  • Schools should not immediately affirm a child’s wish to socially transition. They should take a watchful, waiting approach.
  • Schools must inform parents when such a request is made.
  • Schools must look into any factors that have influenced a request to socially transition such as by peers or social media.
  • Schools must not change the name of children on registers, which must contain their legal name. Any change of name must include parental input.
  • Schools should not use different pronouns for children. In the rare cases where changes are made this decision must be balance the benefit to the child and the impact on the wider school community. No pupil or teacher should be compelled to use these pronouns.
  • Boys must not be allowed to go into girls’ toilets and vice versa. If for example, a boy wants to use the girls toilet, the school should provide an alternative arrangement that does not affect single-sex spaces. The same principle applies to changing rooms, showers and overnight accommodation on trips or boarding schools.
  • A child who questions their “gender,” must, in general, wear the uniform of children of their biological sex.
  • Single-sex schools can refuse to admit children of the opposite biological sex,
  • Schools must ensure same-sex separation in PE lessons or sporting competitions.
  • Anyone concerned with protecting children should submit a consultation response.

How to respond?

View our guide to respond. We would recommend reading the summary, but if you do not have the time focus on responding and skip to action 2.

Most of the questions contain yes/no questions. Follow the guide and respond yes/no based upon our suggestions. Even if you tick yes/no based upon our guidance and add some supportive comments at the end, that will suffice.

If you have more time, use the comments we have produced to write your responses.  Don’t copy and paste but use your own words. Better still use examples of your own experience in schools with “gender ideology” influenced practice.

The Deadline to Respond is March 12, 2024 (11.59PM)

Finally, it has come to our attention that LGBTQ lobby groups are convincing their supporters to respond. Most of these people do not have children, yet they want to influence what happens in a school.

These measures don’t solve every problem, but they do go a long way to protecting your children from the dangers of “gender ideology.”

Finally, think about what has motivated you to stand up for Gaza and respond for the sake of your children, other people’s children, but tap into our ultimate motivation – the want to please Allah SWT.

Yusuf Patel is the founder of The Muslim Family Initiative. Respond now to the government consultation here.

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