Inspired by the stance of Palestinians, U.S. influencer converts to Islam

Pic: Nefertari Moonn

Nefertari Moonn, an American internet comic artist and fashion designer, has converted to Islam after being influenced by the Palestinians’ commitment and courage in the face of Israeli brutality and genocide.

Moonn, a 35-year-old resident of Tampa, Florida, told Anadolu Agency: “I wouldn’t necessarily say that Israel had anything to do with me turning to Islam. It was solely the Palestinian people, and their courage and their faith that had me look into Islam.

“To see all the devastation that the Palestinians are going through… and to see them still call out to Allah is devastatingly beautiful.”

She added: “I feel like if you see these people in what they’re going through and being able to still keep their faith. You have to look into it and see what was contributing to people still holding on to God and holding on to their faith in calling out in their last words.”

Moonn describes Palestinians as some of the “strongest, resilient people” that she has ever seen in her life.

This resilience stems not only from “years and years of hardship in dealing with Israel,” but also from “something more,” which she believes “has to do with Islam.”

“You’re seeing mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters lose their entire families, yet somehow they’re still thankful for the small things they have. So like others I was very intrigued.”

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Before her conversion, Moonn considered herself spiritual, not religious, and describes her husband as a non-practicing Muslim. But the change in her started to happen when she started reading his Quran.

“I can’t explain it, but there’s a peace that comes with reading the Quran,” she said. “I feel light, like I came back to something that was always there and waiting for me to return.”

Moonn added: “So, I feel like that maybe it was like a fate-type situation for me, that something was always maybe calling me to Islam and obviously the situation finally pushing me into the religion and making it my own.”

And her message to Palestinian people is the following: “I want you guys to know that the whole world is fighting for you guys right now… I really want you guys to understand that we are all praying for you.”

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