News reviewer gives 5Pillars maximum credibility and transparency score

5Pillars has been given the highest possible rating (100%) by the news reviewer NewsGuard which rates journalistic outlets for trust and credibility.

NewsGuard is the industry leader for news trust ratings and its reviews are considered authoritative.

5Pillars was given the maximum 100/100 score which indicates that we can be trusted to maintain credibility and transparency. A pass score is rated at 60 and above.

We received a higher rating than many mainstream media platforms including Al Jazeera, the Daily Mail, The Express, The Star,, The Sun, Middle East Eye and many others.

A screenshot of the review (which is behind a paywall) can be seen below:

The review said: “Articles on 5Pillars generally cite relevant attributed sources such as government statements, posts on social media, firsthand interviews with community organizations and police press conferences. Headlines typically reflect the content of their articles. Opinion articles are clearly labeled and appear in a separate section. Opinionated statements do not typically appear outside these articles.

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“Consistent with the site’s description of itself on its About page as a Muslim news site with a commitment to an ‘Islamic ethos,’ coverage tends to be supportive of Muslim communities and their beliefs. Coverage of Israel has focused on government accesses against predominantly (Muslim) Palestinians. Articles frequently cover international plans to discourage Muslim practices such as wearing a hijab in public.

“5Pillars is regulated by Impress, an independent press regulator approved by the Press Recognition Panel to comply with the standards of regulation recommended by the Leveson Inquiry into the British press’ practices which followed a scandal involving phone hacking by employees of News of the World and other newspapers owned by News International.

“Impress regulates its member publications according to a standards code created in consultation with the public. Issues covered by the code include accuracy, discrimination and transparency. Under the code publishers are contractually bound to provide free legal redress to affected members of the public in case of libel or harassment if Impress believes there is an arguable legal case.”

5Pilars editor Roshan Muhammed Salih said: “This is an amazing review by an independent organisation which has become the industry standard for rating news outlets. We passed every available criteria and I am delighted that we are rated higher than so many organisations that have much greater resources than us. I sincerely hope that this will give readers yet more confidence in the work that we do insha’ Allah.”

5Pillars Deputy Editor Dilly Hussain added: “The NewsGuard scoring is further testimony to the journalistic professionalism and credibility of 5Pillars. Our critics and detractors can say what they wish but we scored higher or the same as many mainstream national publications. This should give our readers, supporters and the Muslim community confidence in 5Pillars.”

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