Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan leader issues Eid message to Ummah

Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, has issued a message to the Muslims of Afghanistan and the wider Ummah.

Sheikh Hibatullah said that since the IEA came to power the Islamic system has been restored and preserved; Shari’ah law has been implemented; independence, security, and economic self-sufficiency has been attained; and women have been protected.

He added that orphans’ rights have been preserved, beggars have been assisted, and drugs have been eradicated.

And he urged the Ummah to establish good relations with the Islamic Emirate and to keep Afghanistan in their prayers.

Here is an abridged version of his speech:

“To the mujahid and believing people of Afghanistan and to all the Muslims of the world…

“That these days of worship and sacrifice are coming to our afflicted nation while our country is enjoying the Islamic system and universal peace, our countrymen should thank Allah Almighty so that we deserve more divine rewards.

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“Praise be to Allah, the Islamic system has been restored under the rule of the Islamic Emirate, the holy Islamic law has been announced and implemented, and important measures have been taken for the elevation of religious rituals and the development and strengthening of religious centers. Religious reforms are taking place in legislation, governance, judiciary, economy, culture and other fields of life. These are all the goals and values for which our believing people have fought for a long time and made great sacrifices.

“At the national level, the independence and independence of Afghanistan has been secured once again, Islamic brotherhood and national unity have been strengthened, all kinds of prejudices such as race, language and direction have been eliminated, the territorial integrity of the country has been preserved and all borders have been firmly established. It is defended and protected. The national assets of the country, such as customs and tax revenues, mines, emirate lands, forests and other properties that are the common property of the nation, have been taken away from private users and powerful people and have been protected as the assets of Bait Al-Mal.

“Under the rule of the Islamic Emirate, necessary measures have been taken to save women from forced marriage and other traditional oppressions, including giving them away in badu, and all their Shariah rights have been secured. As a part of the society, important measures have been taken for the reformation of women, hijab, chastity, avoiding mixing and providing a happy life under the shadow of Islamic Sharia. The negative effects of the 20-year occupation related to women’s hijab and misogyny are about to end. With the issuance of the six-article decree on women’s rights, the status of women as a free and honourable human being has been restored and all institutions have been obliged to help women in securing marriage, inheritance and other rights.

“With the functioning of Sharia courts, the Holy Sharia has once again been put into practice. Those religious orders, sharia orders, limits and retribution that were not possible to be implemented, God bless you, now you can see the implementation with your own eyes. Likewise, the great duty of Ambar al-Ma’roof and Nahi an al-Munkar is being carried out. In this section, according to the principles of Islamic da’wah, measures are taken for the purpose of reforming the society, according to the principles of moderation, expediency and compassion, thanks to which the society is reformed day by day and the denials are about to end.

“In the economic field, it can be said that all the predictions that predicted a complete economic collapse and global crisis have been proven wrong by the grace of Allah. Thanks to the Islamic Emirate’s wise measures, sincerity and transparency, economic collapse was prevented. For the first time in the recent history of the country, the country has become economically self-sufficient, and important arrangements have been started and implemented in the fields of reconstruction, agriculture, irrigation, sugar making, mining and other areas.

“The Islamic Emirate calls on all investors and national businessmen to fulfill their obligations in the development and development of the country by investing in various fields for the purpose of further development in the economic sector and to eliminate the economic problems of the citizens. to pay The Islamic Emirate is committed to their security and respect for all their rights, and all Emirate institutions are obliged to provide the necessary facilities to investors in the field of the country’s prosperity and economic development.

Islamic Emirate flag

“Since several decades of war have passed in our country and there are hundreds of thousands of orphans, widows and poor people, the Islamic Emirate is strongly committed to providing their rights and helping them. Also, I call upon the well-off wealthy citizens and especially their relatives not to forget the poor orphans, to pay full attention to their care, education and assistance. After decades of war, peace has come to the whole country and the Islamic system has become dominant, so we request all those who threaten peace to start a prosperous life in their own country with their fellow countrymen. And to help in the stability of peace, for the interests of foreigners, it does not harm the peace.

“Considerable measures have been taken to divert beggars from begging and thousands of beggars who have been identified as needy are being given assistance by the Islamic Emirate. However, in order to prevent professional and unnecessary beggars, there is a need for the cooperation of scholars, imams of mosques, and other effective persons, who are involved in explaining the evil of begging, encouraging awareness and work and occupation.

“Thanks to the constructive and useful measures of the Islamic Emirate, the problem of drugs has been eliminated. According to the Islamic guidelines, the honorable citizens have turned to alternative livelihoods without international cooperation and the benefits of this measure are becoming more and more apparent. Also, the import, production and use of all kinds of drugs has been banned, thank God, many citizens, especially the youth, have been saved from harm.

“Many related institutions of the Islamic Emirate have worked to treat those citizens who were addicted to drugs and other drugs during the 20-year period of occupation, to return to health, awareness and normal life. These activities are going on regularly.

“Since many rights of the faithful were destroyed during the 20-year occupation and the assets of Bait Al-Mal were seized by the powerful, the Islamic Emirate has appointed a special commission to restore the seized lands to compensate for these losses. So far, hundreds of thousands of acres of seized land have been secured and freed from usurpation. Since the prevention of oppression and extortion is a general duty, I call on all citizens to cooperate with the Anti-Extortion Commission, so that the people’s and treasury’s assets are freed from usurpation and the rights reach their rightful owners.

“The Islamic Emirate wants good and constructive political and economic relations with the whole world, especially the Islamic countries, and has fulfilled its obligation in this regard. Just as we do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, in the same way we do not allow others to interfere in our internal affairs under any pretext or title or give us instructions.

“My advice to the officials of the Islamic Emirate is to seriously follow your obligations in all areas of governance for the service, security and welfare of the believing people. Open your doors to the people, do the work in an efficient and urgent manner, never treat the people in such a way that the people consider themselves less than responsible or outsiders. This is the same people who sacrificed themselves, their wealth, their homes, and their children to the Mujahideen during the 20-year Jihad and were present for any sacrifice…

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“I instruct the security officials to pay full attention to the well-being, service and safety of their faithful especially during Eid. Take all necessary measures for the happiness and peace of the countrymen. Ask the families of martyrs, disabled and orphans and help them as much as you can.

“Faithful countrymen! It is your and our joint responsibility to protect, nurture and serve our Islamic system. This system has been achieved at the cost of the blood of thousands of martyrs and the great fatigue and sacrifices of the Mujahid people. Let us all agree to protect it. Let us dare to stand by each other like brothers, defeat all the conspiracies of the enemies, appreciate security, prosperity, population and public service and work together to make them stronger.

“It is a matter of gratitude that tens of thousands of pilgrims from our country went to Baitullah Sharif to perform the great duty of Hajj. It is served with full attention by the officials of the emirate and all the necessary facilities have been provided to it. I request the pilgrims from all over the world to pray for the entire Islamic Ummah and especially for our afflicted people and country, so that Allah may grant them happiness in this world and the hereafter.

“We strongly condemn Israel’s atrocities against women, children and common defenseless Muslims of Palestine and we ask other countries to do their duty to prevent this great human crime and barbaric atrocities.

“We request the people and the government of the Islamic country of Sudan to abandon their differences and wars, to work together for unity, security and brotherhood, but in general, the solution to all the problems and troubles of the Islamic Ummah lies with them. There is a consensus that every Muslim has an obligation to achieve this great goal, which he must fulfill with understanding and sincerity and feeling, so that the division of selfish people can be broken and Muslim peoples can reach consensus. May the Islamic brotherhood be blessed.

“Finally, once again, I congratulate all the believers and the noble people on Eid. May Allah allow us to celebrate our holidays forever in the shadow of complete independence and Islamic system. Asalaamu Alaykum.”

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