Dover firebomb suspect Andy Leak posted anti-Muslim hate on social media

Andrew Leak

The suspect in a firebombing attack at an immigration processing centre in Kent posted anti-Muslim rants on Facebook.

Andrew Leak, 66, from High Wycombe, is thought to have thrown two or three incendiary devices at the Western Jet Foil site in Dover at about 11.20am on Sunday before killing himself in his car in the car park of a nearby garage.

Facebook posts on an account under the name of an Andy Leak from High Wycombe contain anti-Muslim sentiments.

One post, on July 24, said: “All Muslims are guilty of grooming, they never spoke out because it wasn’t their daughters, f****** animals wake up up… They only rape non-Muslims that’s a religious hate crime are you f****** stupid.”

In October last year, Leak wrote that he had sent a parcel “to the British government,” warning it that “I will end illegal immigration into this country within one year from the French boat side.”

He also made no secret of his admiration for Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League. He pictured himself online wearing a Union Jack face mask, and frequently shared posts by Robinson and conspiracy theories by several far-right groups, including New World Order, the Traditional Britain Group and Turning Point UK.

He also “liked” a number of far-right groups on Facebook, including Enoch Powell was Right; Close UK Borders; God Hates Islam; and Patriots party.

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In August, Leak wrote: “Next time the job centre sanctions your money for not looking for enough work asked them about the thousands of people getting benefits cannot speak English can not write English [sic]”.

Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE) have now taken the lead from Kent Police in the investigation into an incident, but they are not calling it “terror-related” yet.

Detective Chief Superintendent Olly Wright, Head of CTPSE, said: ‘This was a traumatic incident for everyone involved, and the wider community, and we’re working hard to establish exactly what led to the events on Sunday morning.

“We understand that when Counter Terrorism Policing become involved, it can be worrying for some people, but I would like to reassure people that there is nothing to suggest any ongoing wider threat at this time.

“What appears clear is that this despicable offence was targeted and likely to be driven by some form of hate filled grievance, though this may not necessarily meet the threshold of terrorism. At this point, the incident itself has not been declared a terrorist incident, but this is being kept under review as the investigation progresses.”

The investigation into this incident continues and anyone with any information is asked to go to the Major Incident Public Portal.

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