Over 250 Muslim leaders express concern over LGBTQ conversion therapy ban

Over 250 British imams and Muslim leaders have urged the government to clarify that any ban on LGBT conversation therapy would not criminalise Muslims who may discourage people from pursuing homosexual lifestyles.

Muslim leaders want to ensure that any future plans to ban conversion therapy do not curtail rights as a religious community to provide counsel to people struggling with same-sex attraction, and to ensure Muslims can access counselling which does not just affirm the LGBT identity.

At the moment Muslim leaders are worried that if a Muslim child approached am imam to seek counsel about their same-sex feelings, the imam may be forced to either break the law or not provide support for fear of being criminalised.

The Muslim leaders say they are concerned that the government has not consulted faith leaders sufficiently over the proposed ban.

The government, which describes itself as “a global leader on LGBT rights,” has held a public consultation on the issue.

Liz Truss, the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs and Minister for Women and Equalities, said the government “is committed to banning the coercive and abhorrent practice of conversion therapy. We want every individual to have the freedom to be themselves and proposals have been developed with the protection of LGBT people in mind.”

The proposals include:

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  • Legislating to introduce a new criminal offence.
  • Civil measures to make sure the ban is effective, including Conversion Therapy Protection Orders, restricting promotion, removing profit streams, and strengthening the case for disqualification from holding a senior role in a charity.

Conversion therapy refers to any form of treatment or psychotherapy which aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or to suppress a person’s gender identity. It is based on an assumption that being lesbian, gay, bi or trans is a mental illness that can be cured.

LGBT lobby organisations are calling for health and social care leaders and regulators to communicate a clear message to psychotherapists and counsellors that trying to cure lesbian, gay, bi and trans people is both harmful and dangerous.

Here is the letter by the Muslim leaders in full:

The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP
Foreign Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities
Government Equalities Office
16–20 Great Smith Street

CC: Mike Freer MP, Kemi Badenoch MP

We welcome the Government’s consultation extension and the clarification that any ban on coercive “conversion therapy” will protect free speech and religious freedom. We’re grateful that the following are not within the scope of legislation:

  • Supportive conversations that do not pressure individuals down one path
  • Parental rights to raise their children with the values of their faith
  • Expressing the teachings of faith or private prayer
  • Clinical practitioners who work within existing professional and regulatory frameworks

In light of this much needed clarification, conversion practices should be defined as where:

“a practitioner coerces an individual to change or supress their sexual/gender identity, without the individual’s consent, causing harm”

An example here would be to force a LGBTQ identity on an individual who doesn’t uphold such an identity or vice versa.

We believe any future legislative plans must uphold the right of individuals who:

  • don’t identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual and have unwanted same sex attractions, to explore their potential for opposite sex attractions
  • don’t identify as transgender but have confusions about gender, to explore their potential for gender congruence

Further, we wish to confirm that organisations that support these vulnerable individuals:

  • Would not fall within the scope of “talking conversion therapy”
  • Would still be able to support those under 18
  • Would still be able to advertise or promote their services
  • Would still be able to register as a charities

We are concerned about the lack of inclusion of people of faith in this legislation. We ask that the Government Equalities Office moves ahead in a way that is inclusive of all positions and respects different equalities.

Kind Regards,

Yusuf Patel, SREIslamic. Ali Jaffery, Strong Support. Sheikh Fadel Soliman, Bridges Foundation.


Imam Suliman Gani, Purley Mosque

Fatima Barkatulla, Muslim Womanhood Foundation

Shaykh Bilal Brown, Marifah Institute

Irfan Akhtar, vice chairman Muslim Community Trust, Jamia Masjid, Leyton

Imam Shakeel Begg, Lewisham Islamic Centre

Dr. Anas Altikriti, The Cordoba Foundation

Shujahat Aslam, Chairman, Nottingham Council of Mosques

Panel, Federation of Redbridge Muslim Organisations

Imam Abid Khan, Cheadle Masjid, Manchester

Usman Qureshi, Norbury Muslim Centre

Mawlāna Ayaaz Chikhalia, Islamic Centre Upton Park

Dr Omar Taha, South East London & Kent Council of Mosques

Imam Abdur-Rahman, Zamzam Academy

Imam Abdul Mateen, Head Teacher Quwwatul Islam Society

Ittehad Ahmad, Sultan Bahu Centre, Birmingham

Shaykh Shams Adduha Muhammad, Mawarid Lifestyle

Ijlal Khalil, President Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS)

Imam Ahmad Irfani, Jamia Masjid Hanfia Ghousia

Fatima Lunat, House of knowledge

Muhammad Uddin, Newham Muslim Forum

Imam Shoaib, Ghausia Mosque, Stoke on Trent

Sheikh Ramzy, Oxford Islamic Information Centre

Imam Kazi Ashiqur Rahman, Darul Ummah, London

Mawlana Ahmed Desai (Imam), Masjid Quba, Bradford

Mufti Zahid Yasin, Khatme Nubuwwat Centre, London

Imam Safwaan Hussein, Islamic Culture and Education Centre, Battersea

Abdul Majid (Vice President), Waltham Forest Islamic Association, London

Mohammed Umair, Anjuman-E-Islahul Muslimeen of London

Mr Huzaifa Kolia, Masjid Abu Bakr, Walthamstow

Imam Ashraf Osmani, Central Mosque, Northampton

Imam Kashif Ahmad, Al Falah Braintree Islamic Centre

Mrs Fathima Shukry, Parents United

Roshan Salih, 5PILLARS

Shakeela Siddique, Snowden Masjid, Batley

Imam Amaar Sajjad, Madni Masjid, Nottingham

Imam Mohammed Waseem, Masjid At-Taqwa, Bradford

Imam Olanrewaju Atilade, Jamaa’tu Ahli llahi Society Nottingham

Mufti Tayyibah Kausar Afzal, Founder of Daruliftalancashire.co.uk and co- founder of Madni Dawah Academy

Imam Shoaib Vawda, Wimbledon Mosque

Molana Adam Mulla, Al Hashim Academy, Dewsbury

Imam Ayaaz Ahmed, Institute of Faith

Mr Molana Usman Ali

Adnan Ghafoor, Council of Islamic Scholars, East Anglia

Omar Ghanchi, Leicester Muslim Association

Maulana Ebrahim Lambat

Mr Sayed Hussein Kadiri, Madrasah Talimul Islam

YEHIA M SOLIMAN, Al-Helal Centre, London

Moulana Imran Afzal, The Peace Centre, Leicester

Husnain, Northampton Communities Alliance

Mrs Shakera Mirza, Madni Academy, Dewsbury

Badrul Islam, Abington Jami’ Masjid

Mr Waheed Arshad, Jamia Khizra Mosque & Islamic Centre

Imam Bilal Toorawa, Masjid-e-Anwaar, Blackburn

Maulana Mohammed Makda, Comptron

Mr Saqib Patel, The Bilal Foundation

Thamina Younus, Ebrahim College

Imam Abdul Hannan, Reading Central Masjid

Syed Monjur Hussain, Teviot British Bangladeshi Association

Muhammed Abdur Rahman, Wallingford Muslim Society

M Jahid Islam, Bilal Educational Forum

Mohammed Abdul Munim, Eternal Gardens Kemnal Park Cemetery, Chislehurst

Mufti Quresh, Al-Hikmah Learning Centre

Naveed Afzal, Madni Dawah Academy, Lancashire

Mr Muhammad Abdul Jalil, Wapping Noorani Masjid, London

Mr Abdullah Bham, Quranic Arabic Works

Mohamed Arif, Windsor Muslim Association

Imam Muhammad Kolia, Masjid Quba, Stamford Hill

Imran Adam, Jame Masjid, Leicester

Shaykh Abdullah Dhorat, Madrasa Baytul ‘Ilm, Leicester

Muhammad Usman Shah, Jamia masjid Swafia, Wakefield

Moulana Mohammed Lockhat, As-Salaam Trust, Leicester

Moulana Mohammed Abdur Rahman, Taaleemul Quran Trust, Coventry

Imaam Muhammad Rahman, Akanjee Foundation

Muhammad Nana, Masjid Faizul Islam, Birmingham

Syed Rahath Ahmed, Al Madina Jami Masjid, Worcester

Abbas Afzal, Madinah Education Trust, Wednesbury

Safiya Adam, Quwwat ul Islam Society, London

Mr Rashid Raja, Wolverhampton Mosque Trust

Mr Anasur Rahman Khan, Islamic Centre Upton Park, London

Maulana Muhammad Uthman, Jamia Uthmania, Rochdale

Dr Hisham Nizar, Croydon University Hospital

Sughra Bibi Jillani, Madrassa Fatima

Usman Ramadan, Organisation of Culture and Character, Luton

Md Sirajul Islam, Darul Arqam Community Centre, London

Molana M U Ayub, Madrassa Taleem-ul Quran, Birmingham

Ismaeel Tahir, Al I’tisaam Bi Sunnah

Masum Ali, Muslim chaplain

Usman Ismail, Darassalam Masjid

Imam Haji Kassim, Central Jamia Mosque, Hayes

Dr Sayed Hassen al-Sader, Islamic Lecturer

Muhammed-ul-Emin Potts The Menzil Trust, Leyton

Askor Ali, Jalabad Jamay Masjid, Oldham

Shehzad Hanif, Guidance Coaching

Kulsum Adam, Quwwat-ul Islam Society, London

Dr Salman Butt, Islam21c

Miss Homa Hasan, Quwwat Ul Islam Society, London

Mohammed Monchab Ali, Chester Shah Jalal Mosque and Islamic Centre, Chester

Ibrahim Ali, Ashaaadibi Centre, Tower Hamlets

Abdul Badith Mohammed, Newcastle Central Mosque

Zakariyya Mohomed, Thurmaston Educational Trust, Leicester

Shaykh Yousaf Baig

Ali-Haider Abdul Rashid, Madani Education Centre, Leicester

Muhammad Kashem Ali, London City Island Way Prayer Room

Imam Mirazam Khan, ICNI- Belfast

Maulana Shah Muhammed Anas, Imam Zakariya Academy, London

Abdul Musaib, Abu Hurairah Academy, Bradford

Soyeb Waza, Madrassa Talimul Islam, London

Imam Abdullah Rawat, Musallaa an Noor Mosque, Stoke Newington

M Patel, Islamic Culture & Welfare Association, Batley

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, Noor Islamic Education, Stanmore

Muhammad Ziyad Batha, Presenter & Lecturer

Imam Mohammed, Yusuf Academy

Z Daji, Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Batley

Syed Elahi, Lewisham islamic centre

Mustafa Razzak, Vice Imaam of Redditch mosque, Roots academy

Miss Thooba Rayea, Abrar Insitutute, Preston

Mr Mahfuzul Hussain Nahid, Mile End Bengali Muslim Community Association

Mrs Ferdous Ara, Muslim Community Association

Mohamed Sameem, Courtland Solicitors

Bilal Patel, Morden Islamic Community Centre

Mawlana Mohsin Ali

Mr Shoeb Desai, Yorkshire Muslim Academy

Yousuf Mulla, Mount Pleasant Islamic Trust Madina Masjid

Mohammed Ahmed, MahmudSabir Masjid, Birmingham

Mr Taf Shabir, Jamia Mosque

Maulana Naveed Sardar, Scunthorpe Central Mosque

Mohammed Ishaq, ArRahma Foundation

Mr Mizanur Rahman, Royal Docks Welfare Association

NASEEM ABOOBAKER, Mushkil Aasaan Charity

Dr. Osman Latiff, Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre, Slough

Daud Juneja, Alnoor Cultural & Educational Trust, London

Dr Youssef Djouamaa, Bracknell Islamic Cultural Society

Abdul Rafeh Imran, Sutton Muslims Association

Dr Azhar Aslam, Vision 21

Aweis Asghar, Faith Central

Mr A Masood, South Woodford Mosque

Mr Mohammed Farook Kazi, Al-Ansaar Welfare & Education, Ilford

Suhail Akubat, Madrasah Salaam

Faisal Ashfaq, Islam Dewsbury

Sajid Safdar, Masjid-E-Umar, Bradford

Marwah Toqir, Al Huda

Mr Abrar Ul Haq Patel, London Islamic School

Molana Mohammed Atiq

Munir Akhtar, Reading Islamic Cultural Centre

Mohammad Umar Nazir, Minister of Religion, Masjid Noor

Ismail Ibrahim Saleh, Masjid us sunnah

Imam Abdul Rahman Soyinka, Al Muwahedeen Muslim Mission of Nigeria.

Sumit Maru, Mubashirun

Shekh Mahmod, Dagenham Muslim Society

Imam Mohammed Moreea, Masjid Abu Bakr

Mohamed Jama, Trustee, Greenwich Islamic centre

Yusuf Mayat, Al Madat

Jamal Uddin, Markazi Jamia Mosque

Mohammed Zahoor, Makki Madani Masjid

Taha Masood, Al-Ihsan

Imam Vahab Bhikhi, Darul Atfaal

Shah Mahmood Thani Qureshi

Dr Muhammad Suhail Asghar, Shahporan Islamic Centre Bristol

Mr Anwar Siddique, Masjid Al-Aqsa

Abu-Azzam, White City Mussalla

Ebrahim Dadibhai, Masjid Talha, Dewsbury

Afifa Shafi, Islamic Teacher

Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Darul Arqam masjid

Mr Ashfaq Rafiq Patel, Central Mosque Blackpool

Mrs Sumiya Siddique, Taqwaa Madrasah

Mohammed Iqbal Bhatti, Jamiat Ahle Hadith, Oldham

Ahmed Hegazy, London Muslim Mosque

Kazi Osman, Muslim Community Association

M Jamil, Central Mosque & Islamic Centre, Blackpool

Salahuddin Chughtai, Muhaddis e Azam Mission, Leicester

Sadia North, Manchester Jamia Masjid

Mr Imtiyajul Haque, Bow Muslim Community Centre

Professor (emeritus) Mohamed El-Gomati OBE, University of York

Ashfak Ahmed, DEC Masjid

Mrs Rubbina Umar, Broxbourne Muslim Community

Mrs Mubeena Bachcha, Madrassa Talimul islam

Jaleel Noordeen, Al Furqan

Mr Falik Hanifa, Al Furqan charity Trust

Miss Maira Khan, Islam21c

Mr Abdul Mueed Abid, Maidenhead Islamic Trust

Khalid Mohmood, Beaumont Leys Muslims

Zainab Hassan, Islamiyah School

Dr Kate Godfrey-Faussett, Psychologist and founder of Our Muslim Village

Dr. Azath Kamil Mohamed, Lafir Al Furqan

Dr Ghazala Mir, Iqra Women’s Study Circle

Maulana Gul Mohammed Hamza, Masjid Birmingham

Imam Abdul Hannan Rab, Central Jamme Masjid

Mr M Hacheem M Nawab, Al Furqan, Luton

Moulana Bilal Ahmed, Jame Masjid

Jazeel Fazy, Sri Lanka Islamic Forum UK

Dr. Ali Al-Hilli, Islamic Speaker

Miss Khadija Begum, Hyde Islamic Resource Centre

Muhammed Rafick Adam, City Hall Masjid Kimberley

Fawzy Kabeer, Al Furqan

Mrs Abir Kazi, Al Mohsinah Academy

Shazia Kazmi, Al Hussain Trust

Emma Kessy, Bajuni Community

Mr Mohammed Ikramullah One Unity Aid

Omar Salloo, Abu Bakr Trust

Mr. Muhammad Naushahi, Jamiyat Tabligh ul Islam

Maulana Ashraf Madari

Mr. Ammar Salim As-Salaam

Maulana Mohammad Zaheer

Sumayyah Patel, Masjid Hidayah

Mr Yasir Zaman Khan, Great Barr Muslim Foundation

Haleema, Abrar Academy

Mufti Zaheer Aslam


Louay Al-Alousi, Masjid-us-Sunnah/Leicester

Dr Louay Al-Alousi, Leicester Community Assist LCA

Mr Mamode Therese, Peterborough Young Muslims

Imam Muhammad Kolia, Masjid Quba (NLMT)


Farook Bham, North London Mosque Trust

Mr M BILAL, Gateshead Muslim society

Mr Muhammad M Hussain, Masjid Salahuddin

Bashir Ahmed, Cook Street Darus Salam Masjid

Amer Hamed, Swansea Muslim Community

Ali Ahmad, Shahporan Masjid

Imam Said Ahmed, Zakariyya Jame’ Masjid (Bolton)

Abdulkaiyum Khan, Asian Muslim Cultural Centre

Shaikh Mohammed Zaqir Shaikh, Darul Arqam Educational Trust

Muhammad Mustaqeem Shah, Albalagh Academy

MR HUMZAH MUSA, Masjid e Quba

Mr Mohammed Basir Ahmed, Markazud Dawah wal irshad

Hafiza Sufi, MIMZ School

Sheikh Noorud-deen Rashid, Islam Answers

Imam Mohammad Huzaifa Bora, Jamiat ul Muslemeen Masjid Crawley

Imam Mohammed Abubakar, Huddersfield Community First

Moulana Ismaeel

MD ABDUL NOOR, Academy of Inspiration

Imaam Maulana Murtada Ahmad Attari, Masjid-E-Quba, Bolton

Luqman Musa, Madina Mosque & Islamic Centre

Mohammed Sidat, Masjid Bilaal

Moulana Abid Ali

Mr Ag Salloo, Madrasa Taleem ul Quran

Mr Suleman Aswat, Dawatal Islam Mosque

Dr A Majid Katme, (Ex-President ) Islamic Medical Association UK

Molana Tayib Hussain

Imam Abu Bakar Bagas, Hainault Muslim Association

Rahmat Hidayat, Purley Masjid

Fareea Minhas, Central Jamie’s Mosque

Mr Aftab Muhaudden, Jamia Masjid Muhammadiya Ghausia

Salmaan Patel, Kettering Muslim Association

Shaikh Savban Munshi, Islamic Research Institute of GB

Imam Muhammad Ashraf, Croydon Islamic Academy

Imam Ilyas Koya, Darul Quran Masjid, Bolton

Ali Akhtar, General Secretary Al-Hira Educational Centre

Mr Iqbal M Sharif Razvia, Dar Ul Alloom Southampton

Mohammed Butt, Darul Ifta

Imam Hafizur Rahman Al Khayriyyah

Harris Anwar, Masjid Ibraheem & Education Centre

Imaam Arif Polli, Gujarati Sunni Muslim Community Centre

Imam Sohail Ashfaque, Blackhall Mosque

Sadia Afrin, Jamiatul Uloom

Mr Rashid Brora, Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Limited

Shamsud Choudhury, Masjid-E-Aman Islamic Educational Centre Aston

Mr Mohammed Dilwar Hussain, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Mr Shah Muaz Ahmed, Quwwatul Islam

Nazir Hussain, (Chairman) Derby Jamia Mosque, 6 Rosehill st, Derby

Muhammad Numan Miah, Bangladesh Association Greater Reading

Umer Khatab, UK Islamic Mission

Naeem Chowdhury, Darul Ummah

Mr Shahidul Islam, Bow Muslim Community Centre

Imam Ahmed, Masjid Noor

Dr Mohamed Kharbouch, Runnymede Muslim Society

Mohammed Ameen, Calderdale Council of Mosques

Emran Ahmed, Masjid Alhikmah

Mr. Nisar Shaikh, Royal Holloway University


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