Two teenagers jailed for manslaughter of Hussain Chaudhry

Hussain Chaudhry

Two teenagers have been jailed for the manslaughter and robbery of 18-year-old Hussain Chaudhry who was fatally stabbed outside his home in Walthamstow while selling a designer jacket to his killers.

Marvin Ward, 19, and Alexis Morris, 18, from Ilford, were both found guilty in December after a seven-week trial at Wood Green Crown Court.

They were also found guilty of maliciously wounding Hussain’s mother and brother during the incident.

Morris was also found guilty of possession of a machete in a public place.

On Friday both men were sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment for manslaughter; 13 years’ imprisonment for robbery; and two years’ imprisonment each for two counts of GBH. All sentences will run concurrently.

Morris received an additional 12 months’ imprisonment for possession of a weapon – also to run concurrently.

Anthony Nguyen, 18, of Belvedere, who was found guilty of assisting an offender at the same trial, was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment and will be subject to a 12-month supervision order on his release.

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‘Hussain lives on through his legacy’

Hussain’s family said: “We are pleased that the jury has returned guilty verdicts for the cowardly robbers who unlawfully killed our beloved Hussain and wounded his mother and brother during their attempt to rob our family home.

“Ultimate justice is from God Almighty and whilst nothing will ease the pain of losing Hussain, we are grateful that those responsible have been caught and convicted of his unlawful killing and robbery.

“These are cowardly robbers and killers who draw a false sense of strength and arrogance from carrying knives. However, on 17 March 2021 they were confronted with real strength and true courage when they failed to intimidate Hussain – who fought back alongside his brothers and friends to protect his mother, home and family.

Alexis Morris. Pic: Met Police

“We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been supporting us with goodwill and prayers throughout this ordeal. Thank you to all of the witnesses who came forward and the press who reported on this tragedy with great respect for Hussain’s memory. We are also eternally grateful to the absolutely incredible teams from the Metropolitan Police and the CPS who worked with great dedication to ensure that justice was achieved for Hussain.

“Hussain lives on through his legacy and this will continue as long as we all uphold the values that he embodied – Love, Honour and Bravery. With thanks again to all from the family of Hussain.”

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Stubbins, the senior officer in the case, said: “Hussain’s death was a tragedy that shocked the community to its core. His life was tragically cut short due to the actions of two young men the same age as him. This case demonstrates the devastating consequences of arming yourself with a knife in order to commit crime.

“Hussain’s family, who tried to defend and protect him on the day, have not only been left with physical scars, but face the huge emotional and psychological burden of trying to come to terms with his death. I would like to pay tribute to the family and all the witnesses who have attended court to ensure that Hussain’s killers are brought to justice.”

Killed for a designer jacket

The court heard that Ward and Morris had agreed to meet Hussain on March 17 at his home in E17 to buy a designer jacket that he had advertised for sale on social media.

The trio, along with two of Hussain’s friends, went inside Hussain’s address after Morris asked if he had a jacket in a smaller size. After initially appearing willing to pay for the jacket, Ward and Morris then got out knives and threatened Hussain.

Marvin Ward. Pic: Met Police

Ward ordered a cab to pick them up, while Morris demanded to go upstairs into Hussain’s room. Morris began searching the home for more jackets, while Ward held Hussain and his friends at knifepoint in the family sitting room.

Upon hearing that his mother had returned home, Hussain went to protect her from the intruders in the family home. After hearing a commotion in the house, Hussain’s two brothers came out of their rooms and managed to detain Morris.

An altercation occurred and spilled into the street where members of the Chaudhry household were seeking to detain Ward who had attempted to escape the scene with the jacket in a waiting taxi-cab.

During the struggle, Hussain suffered a fatal stab injury to his neck, his mother suffered a serious injury to her thumb and his brother an injury to his hand. Ward then fled the scene.

Emergency services were called to the scene and, despite the efforts of an off-duty doctor, Hussain died at the scene a short time later.

Morris managed to escape from an upstairs window of the property and then ran away.

Ward was arrested on March 19 and Morris two days later. Morris, who was arrested at an address in Luton, had been helped to evade police capture by Nguyen.

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