IMPRESS finds that 5Pillars breached its discrimination code

The media regulator IMPRESS has found that 5Pillars breached its discrimination code.

The IMPRESS adjudication states:

A video first published by 5Pillars UK Facebook page on 14 June 2019, titled, “The people of Sodom, Prophet Lut and the LGBT movement” was found by IMPRESS to have breached Clause 4.3 (Discrimination) of the IMPRESS Standards Code. Click here to read the full adjudication by IMPRESS.

Having assessed 16 published items, IMPRESS used its powers to investigate four of those items on its own initiative. Twelve of the 16 items complained about were not investigated, as they were found by a Regulatory Committee to be outside the remit of IMPRESS or because they did not engage the Standards Code.

An IMPRESS Regulatory Committee ruled that one breach of the discrimination clause of the IMPRESS Standards Code had occurred. As a result, the publisher (5Pillars) was required to edit or remove a video from its website, and to publish a statement with a link to the full adjudication.

Another news item was found not to have breached the Code and the remaining two, which had been published several years before 5Pillars became under IMPRESS regulation, were voluntarily removed by the publisher from its archive.

This investigation followed concerns raised in the national press about content published by 5Pillars and by various groups and individuals, who chose not to make individual complaints to IMPRESS.

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