Tory councillor in Winchester exposed for anti-Islam diatribes

A Conservative councillor in Winchester is being investigated by the party after it emerged she posted vile, anti-Islam comments on social media.

Cllr Judith Clementson runs the @Clem205 account on Twitter in which she describes herself as a Christian and a fan of ex Israeli leader Golda Meir. She is also critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and appears to be an English nationalist.

One of her tweets said: “When will you snowflakes realise that Islam does not listen to compromise; they see as weakness and will just keep coming! That is why they are overrunning our cities. The only way to deal with a cancer: cut it out or zap it fast.”

Another said: “Islam will not stop until it rules the world because “paradise awaits” a martyr. Hell is full of them.”

On the topic of immigration, the account posted: “There’s more important things to worry about including the fact we are being overrun by immigrants turning our cities into no-go areas for the indigenous white Christian British population and breeding like flies.”

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Speaking to the Hampshire Chronicle she said: “There is no room for debate in this country anymore. I’d rather not be a Conservative than be told what to do or say. Whenever you try to say something outside of the normal, people just want to label you.”

Cllr Caroline Horrill, the leader of the Tory group on the city council, has confirmed Clementson has been suspended by the party, although it is not clear if this was for a separate matter.

On Tuesday, Cllr Horrill said Cllr Clementson’s suspension was “pending an investigation into her social media account. Judy is therefore not currently a member of the Conservative councillor group.”

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has repeatedly accused the Conservatives of institutional Islamophobia and trying to sweep the problem “under the carpet”.

In March the Tories reinstated 15 councillors who were suspended over racist or anti-Muslim social media posts.

At the time a Conservative spokesman said: “Discrimination or abuse of any kind is wrong. When CCHQ has been made aware of the small number of such cases we have acted swiftly, suspending members and launching immediate investigations, in sharp contrast to other parties.

“Our complaints process is rightly a confidential one but there are a wide range of sanctions to challenge and change behaviour, including conditions to undertake training, a period of suspension and expulsion, and these are applied on a case-by-case basis.”

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