Tunisia declares victory over coronavirus

Tunisia flag

The Tunisian Prime Minister has announced that the nation has achieved victory against coronavirus as it has recorded almost no new cases.

Elyes Fakhfakh said Tunisians should be proud of themselves for beating the virus, adding that the country would reopen its borders on June 27.

“We came out of this crisis with really important health consequences and the least damage,” he said.

Strict lockdown measures and travel bans have helped Tunisia become a regional leader in eradicating cases of COVID-19.

Now, with restrictions loosening and industries returning to work, the tourism sector has been highlighted as key to its economic rebound.

Implemented on March 17, the curfew initially prevented people from leaving their homes between the hours of 8pm and 6am.

This was followed by the imposition of a stricter nationwide lockdown on March 22, which prevented people from leaving their homes except for medical reasons and to purchase necessities.

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The first stage in lifting the lockdown took place on May 4, when people employed in sectors such as transport and construction, were allowed to resume work.

The reopening of retail stores, open-air markets and supermarkets came on May 14, while mosques, restaurants and cafes opened their doors to the public again on June 4.

The lifting of the night curfew, which had been relaxed to 11pm to 5am in mid-May, marked the next stage in the process, with the final lockdown measures removed on June 14.

As of June 14, Tunisia had 1,096 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 49 virus-related deaths. Of those infected, 998 have fully recovered.

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