First Muslim Pride festival to take place in London in April

Despite Islam’s strict prohibition on homosexuality, an “LGBT+ Muslim group” has set April 11th as the date for the UK’s first ever “Muslim Pride” festival.

Imaan announced on social media: “It’s happening! We’ve set the date for the first EVER Muslim Pride event. Tickets go on sale in two weeks!”

However, the exact London venue has yet to be announced.

Publicity for the event says that it will bring together those who face homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic abuse for being themselves. The group has also put calls out for “queer Arab speakers.”

Imaan said: “We as LGBTQI Muslims often find ourselves isolated, without community and frequently facing homophobic, biphobic, transphobic AND Islamaphobic abuse.

“The event will build on the incredible events we organised in the past and feature panels, discussions, speakers, arts, culture and history – a first for LGBTQI Muslims.”

A crowdfunding campaign raised £10,000 to make the event happen, although nearly all the names of donors appear to be non-Muslims.

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The practice and promotion of homosexuality is considered a major sin in Islam by all mainstream schools of thought.

Protests by Muslim parents outside Birmingham schools over the promotion of homosexuality to young children have hit the headlines this year.

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