Muslim-owned Cardiff chippy gives free Xmas meals to homeless

Victoria Fish Bar

A fish and chip shop in Cardiff opened its doors on Christmas Day to provide free food for people who are homeless, older or vulnerable. 

Victoria Fish Bar opened between 12-3pm today to give out warm meals and to bring people together to “experience a great time.”

In a post on Facebook staff said: “The ‘A’ team at Victoria Fish Bar in Whitchurch have decided to be open on Christmas day, this however will not be for usual service. Homelessness has been on a rise in Cardiff and we think we need to make a difference as influential members of this community.

“Hence on Christmas day 12-3pm, we shall be open for all homeless, elderly and vulnerable people, providing free meals to all those who come. We realise that not everybody has the luxury to have a nice warm meal at a loved one’s house with family and friends, so we will try very hard on the day to emulate such an experience. So to those who are homeless, elderly or vulnerable, come and join us and we can experience this great time together.”

Speaking on Wales at Six, owner Muhammad Nazakat said: “Christmas Day is a special day and me and my team all decided to open to make a special day with homeless people, because there’s more and more of them now. We enjoy our day as well with them. My team is always behind me and I want to especially say thank you to them.”

Muhammad’s son Jawad added: “The response has been absolutely phenomenal – all the staff, me, my dad, my brothers were so shocked. Homelessness has been on the rise in Cardiff as well as everywhere else. When you go into the city centre, your heart drops. You see a bunch of people sitting in front of abandoned shops and we feel it’s our responsibility as people of Great Britain to help them.”

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