Facebook deletes page of influential Palestinian news website

Facebook has deleted the page of a hugely influential Palestinian news site which has described the move as part of a war on Palestinian content on social media networks.

The Palestinian Information Centre (PIC) said Facebook provided them with no prior warning before deleting the page, which had nearly five million followers, without any justification.

They called on Facebook to reinstate the page and stop its battle against Palestinian content, saying they have contested the ban.

The Palestinian Information Centre has previously been forced to suspend posting on Facebook after the social media giant banned the accounts of some of its directors. Members of management have also seen their accounts deleted and removed.

The organisation was founded in 1997 in Arabic as the first Palestinian news site dedicated to advocating the Palestinian cause. It is the only Palestinian site that broadcasts its material in eight languages.

In a statement the PIC said: “This fascist move from Facebook has come with no notice or warning to any of our content, which totally adheres to Facebook’s ‘loose and illusive’ community guidelines.

“Let’s be clear about this: Facebook is bowing to Israeli pressure. Israel itself had bragged that Facebook has positively responded to 90% of its complaints against Palestinian content.

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“Palestinian Information Center is the most widely read online Palestinian source. PIC was established in 1998 and now reports news and articles on Palestine in 8 languages. PIC hereby demands Facebook reverse their decision, if it is to prove that its decisions are not made in and by Israel.

“Meanwhile, PIC, which insists on relentlessly reporting truth on Palestine and Israeli occupation, has launched its backup page because nothing will prevent us from advancing human rights and freedom of speech for Palestine and Palestinians, and by extension for the oppressed peoples around the world.”

You can follow the new page here.

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