Most Labour members say party doesn’t have serious antisemitism problem

Jeremy Corbyn [Image: BBC]

A new poll has revealed that two-thirds of Labour Party members do not believe the party has a “serious” antisemitism problem, while a majority either blame Jeremy Corbyn’s political opponents or the mainstream media for the furore.

A poll of 1,185 party members by YouGov also found that over half would oppose a trade deal with Israel after Britain leaves the European Union, with only 31 per cent in support.

The poll was commissioned by Mainstream, a new cross-party campaign group which claims to combat political extremism. It is led by former Labour MP and Corbyn critic Ian Austin and includes many Israel supporters among its ranks.

Jeremy Corbyn supporters, from within the Muslim community and outside it, have always insisted that the Israel lobby in Britain has largely manufactured the “antisemitism within Labour” issue with the aid of the mainstream media to target the pro Palestine Corbyn.

Only 23 per cent of those surveyed in the poll agreed that the party has a “serious” antisemitism problem among its membership; and 37 per cent blamed accusations of antisemitism on “political opponents who want to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.”

A further 17 per cent blamed “the mainstream media;” while 29 per cent attributed them to “a small minority of Labour Party members with antisemitic views;” and 13 per cent said it was the fault of the party’s leadership.

Meanwhile, forty per cent said Western foreign policy was equally accountable for terror attacks on British soil as groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Twenty-nine per cent blamed terror groups more, while 28 per cent blamed Western foreign policy more.

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