Greater Manchester Police refuse to reopen probe into Shukri Abdi death

Shukri Abdi

Greater Manchester Police are refusing to reopen an investigation into the death of Shukri Abdi despite more than 56,000 people, including her family, calling on the police and her school to investigate allegations of bullying which may have led to her death.

12 year old Shukri drowned on June 27 in the River Irwell in Bury and police have put the incident down to a “tragic accident.”

However, a police spokeswoman told the Bury Times their position “has not changed” and reiterated their previous statement, that “there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.”

Broad Oak Sports College has launched an inquiry after campaigners alleged that the pupil was being bullied while attending the school. Major protests took place outside the school on Friday and Saturday.

Campaigners claim that Shukri’s death is suspicious because she was b being bullied at school, it was out of character for her to venture so far from home and she could not swim.

Reacting to the news, campaigner Maz Saleem, which has been helping Shukri Abdi’s family, called the police statement a “grave injustice.”

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She said:”We live in an Orwellian state with Big Brother watching our every move. What GMP is trying to convince us of is that on the day of Shukri’s dissappearence and death nobody saw anything, no CCTV cameras were working and nobody needs to investigate.

“A petition calling for an investigation is rising every day and currently stands at 56K so how can they ignore the voice of the people? The local community and friends allegedly know who pushed her in and they know it will cause riots. This is grave injustice and we need to make it loud and clear that we will take it to the streets and fight for justice for Shukri Abdi.”

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