Shaykh Abdullah Quilliam spotted in news footage of 1924 Eid prayers at Woking Mosque

Shaykh al-Islam of the British Isles, Abdullah Quilliam, can be seen in this rare news footage from 1924 of Eid ul-Fitr prayers at Woking Mosque.

Shaykh Quilliam who opened England’s first mosque in Liverpool in 1889, was also a regular visitor to Woking Mosque, which opened in the same year and was the first purpose built mosque in the UK.

In this footage at 16 seconds, Shaykh Quilliam is seen speaking to someone whilst sitting on the floor and slightly afterwards praying behind the imam, third on the right.

This footage may be the only moving film footage of the shaykh.

The 26th Ottoman Caliph, Abdul Hamid II, granted Abdullah Quilliam the title of Shaykh alIslām for the British Isles.

The Emir of Afghanistan recognised him as the Sheikh of Muslims in Britain and he was appointed as Persian Vice Consul in Liverpool by the Shah of Persia.

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