Birmingham police chief pledges to bring LGBT teaching row offenders to justice

Chief Constable Dave Thompson

The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police has weighed into the row over LGBT teaching in Birmingham schools by pledging to bring all those who have committed crimes during the last 24 hours to justice.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson issued his statement after LGBT activists approached Muslim parents outside their homes on Sunday night to reprimand them for opposing the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

Further heated but non-violent clashes took place between Muslim parents and those who support LGBT teaching outside Anderton Park School in Birmingham yesterday.

Thompson also said that Birmingham must celebrate diversity while Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson urged Muslim parents to end the protests.

Thompson said: “In recent months some Birmingham primary schools have been subject to protests by parents concerning the schools’ curriculum on equality. These protests have resulted in an ongoing protest outside Anderton Park Primary School. These protests have, to date, been lawful.

“West Midlands Police has been discharging our duty to maintain the public peace and where criminal offences are identified to act. In the last 24 hours, a number of criminal offences have taken place that the force will investigate and seek to bring people to justice.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson

“As a citizen of this city, I have observed these protests and the rhetoric around them with increasing concern. West Midlands Police values and celebrates the diversity of this area. We believe the strength of this city is in tolerant and diverse communities. This week I will march with LGBT staff and communities in Birmingham Pride and next week I will fast with Muslim colleagues and communities as they mark Ramadan. Both are possible to celebrate and respect in this amazing and diverse city. Sadly this is not the image of Birmingham that these events are projecting around the country and the world.

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“It is very important all those involved in the dispute at Anderton Park recognise the adverse impact this is having on the reputation of the city, broader cohesion and most importantly the children at this school. Views are entrenching with a determination to win this argument. This is creating an environment where those who seek division will have cause to celebrate and to exploit. Frankly a primary school is no place for the continuance of a large scale protest, however lawful.

“In this holy period of Ramadan, and as we celebrate Pride in our city, I urge those involved and those who can influence these events to think again and consider how they can come together to discuss these strongly held views and bring this protest to an end.

“West Midlands Police cannot solve this problem but we will support all involved in seeking a dialogue and a solution. Equally, we will act where people seek to exploit these matters and break the law.”

Meanwhile, Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, who is supporting the work of West Midlands Police, added: “Teachers should be free to get on with teaching a full curriculum, that highlights and explains Britain’s full diversity without fear of protests or threats. All forms of equality are equally important.

“As a former head teacher, I understand full well that schools need to work with parents and would encourage productive dialogue to continue.

“I must emphasise though that protests and threats have no place outside of the school gates and where there is evidence of criminality the police will be investigating thoroughly.”

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