U.S. Muslim group CAIR issue report exposing $125 million “donated” to Islamophobic groups

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has published a report claiming that millions of dollars has been funnelled to anti-Muslim lobby groups in the U.S. via charitable “donations”. 

The report entitled “Hijacked by Hate,” lists dozens of charitable foundations that were used by anonymous donors to spread anti-Muslim hatred.

CAIR estimated that between 2014 and 2016, roughly $125 million (£96.2 million) was funnelled to what is widely known as the “Islamophobia Network”.

Major companies, as well as Christian and pro-Israel charities, are accused of contributing millions of dollars to support anti-Muslim propaganda activity.

The charities and organisations allegedly work as a vessel between anonymous donors and hate groups.

The period covered by the report showed an increase of anti-Muslim and Islamophobic hate crimes and discrimination in the U.S.

CAIR hopes that the report will help funds being “donated” to hate groups to decline.

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To download and read the full report, click here.

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