Libya’s Grand Mufti calls for boycott of second Hajj or Umrah over Saudi Arabia’s wars

Grand Mufti of Libya Sadiq Al-Ghariani

Grand Mufti Sadiq Al-Ghariani of Libya has called on Muslims to abstain from performing a second Hajj or Umrah due to Saudi Arabia’s involvement in wars across the Muslim-majority world.

Mufti Al-Ghariani issued the fatwa (religious edict) in a broadcast on the Libyan television channel Ean Libya.

He said that Muslims who choose to perform either of the pilgrimages for a second time “will commit an act of sin rather than a good deed”.

The grand mufti said that the reason behind the fatwa is because the money pilgrims are paying for Hajj and Umrah is “helping Saudi Arabian rulers to carry out crimes against our fellow Muslims”.

He added that the money will contribute to the massacre of Muslims in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia and elsewhere.

The mufti said in the video that “nowhere in the world hasn’t been thrown into havoc by Saudi Arabia.”

Grand Mufti Al-Ghariani said he will take full responsibility on the Day of Judgement before Allah for issuing the fatwa.

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